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8 Easy Steps To Improve Your Statement Of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) also known as Letter of Motivation (LOM) is the only document that tells your personal story to the admission committee. This carries information about your motivation, interests, ideas, future plans, etc. In many cases, a compelling SOP will easily put you ahead of your peers. Here are few tips from MS in Germany on improving the quality of your SOP.


Check Course Requirements

1. Check your university course requirements to see if they have asked for any specific questions to be addressed in your SOP (many times they do)

2. Note down the limit for SOP length e.g. 500 words, 2 pages, 4500 characters etc.

3. Address all subsections of question that university has asked you to answer


Differentiate Your SOP From CV

1. Prepare your Curriculum Vitae (CV). If you have done this already, go through it once. This will put you on the track right away

2. This will help you in contrasting the content of SOP from that of a CV

3. Remember that all your academic details and qualifications are already listed in the CV, you shouldn’t be repeating them in your SOP


Check For Plagiarism

1. Use SmallSEOTools and

2. Never copy complete sentences from the internet or another SOP


Spelling. Grammar. Punctuation.

1. Use free tools like Grammarly and Hemingway editor

2. Take a plunge into your SOP and work on the English Grammar

3. This is very important and shows that you are being professional about your work


Study SOP Samples

1. Do NOT read any other SOPs at full length before you write yours. This is because by reading the SOP(s) you will force yourself to follow the content and structure of that SOP(s)

2. Note down the points which impressed you the most

3. You can also use free tools like Grammarly and Hemingway editor


Collect Different Perspectives

1. Let other people read your SOP
,br> 2. Get in a close friend of yours and have him look at your writing; not to correct your grammar but to get a different perspective


Rinse And Repeat

1. Take long breaks and come back to review your SOP

2. Complete your day’s work and have a fresh look at your SOP every night

3. Keep editing it for few days. Add insightful features and remove unwanted details until it reaches a satisfactory level


Take Professional Help

1. Consider the SOP review service

2. OR contact the best English teachers you know and let them to review your SOP

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending

– Maria Robinson


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