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The Studienkolleg is the way to get international school-leaving certificate for studies at a German university. If you have obtained a school degree in your home country that entitles you to study in your home country, but is not recognized as a higher education entrance qualification (HZB) in Germany, for this you must have attend a Studienkolleg before starting your studies.


Generally the school systems, their training content or the duration of school attendance in the home country are then so different from those in Germany that it is necessary for you to attend preparatory courses in a preparatory college. So Germany decided to give platform to know about german languge so that will not give problem for International student.

  1. The students learn the German terminology as used in the chosen field of study.

  2. The students learn to use the jargon of the chosen field of study.

  3. The students acquire subject-specific basic knowledge and methods.

  4. The students develop individual learning strategies.

  5. Students acquire culturally required social skills.

Types of Studienkollegs

There are two types of Studienkollegs: 

Universitätskollegs: Which is affiliated with university,  If you have successfully attended a university college, you can study at a university or at a university of applied science.

Fachhochschulkollegs: It is a university of applied science ,if you passed the exams at a Studienkolleg connected to a university of applied science then you are not qualified to study at a university,but can only study at a university of applied science.

Distinction between university and college colleges

Private Studienkollegs

Private Studienkollegs often charge fees for the collegiate visit and it is important to know well whether the selected private Studienkolleg offers a state-recognized degree.

State Studienkollegs

State Studienkollegs offer free study places, apart from the semester fee, and their degree is recognized throughout Germany

The University Colleges offer the following courses in preparation for a degree course:

  1. M course: for medical, biological and pharmaceutical courses

  2. T-course: for mathematical, scientific or technical courses

  3. W-course: for economics and social science courses

  4. G-course: for humanities studies or German studies

  5. S course: for a language study

The FH colleges offer the following courses in preparation for their studies:

  1. TI course: for engineering and engineering courses

  2. WW course: for economics courses

  3. GD course: for design and artistic courses

  4. SW-course: for social science and social science courses

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