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Advantages of Enrolling for Summer Semester in Germany

Advantages of Enrolling for Summer Semester in Germany

Studying in Germany is a brilliant return-for-value investment. German universities maintain high teaching standards, most public universities charge zero tuition fees for international students and the international exposure to people from different cultures and ethnicities is incomparable. There are a million reasons why you should seriously consider pursuing your master’s in Germany. This article specifically explains why you should think about applying for Summer Semester programs in Germany.

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Berlin, Germany

Does the semester really matter?

Not really. While some courses start only in winter semester, there are programs that are offered in both winter and summer semesters. Generally, the student intakes are higher for the winter semester. However, starting your master’s in Germany during the summer semester has various benefits.

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Why study during summer semester in Germany?

Summer Programs

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The semester you enrol in will not affect your career or overall academic performance but it might just make it easier to get used to the new world. Summer Semester in Germany has a lot of advantages that are often overlooked by applicants and students. The quality of education, program structure, course modules are standard across both winter and summer semesters, which is again a deciding factor. Additionally, we have discussed some more points, outlined below.

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Pleasant weather

If you happen to be coming from a tropical or semi-tropical country, arriving in Germany during the spring and summer months is a good idea. It will save you from the trouble of adjusting to a completely different environment. International students who arrive in Germany during winter often find themselves down with cold for the first few weeks after arrival. If you enrol in the summer semester, it will be a smooth transition. Your body will find it much easier to ease into the new environment which means that you will have one less thing to worry about as a new student.

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Opportunities to socialize

Summer semester in Germany is a time for socialising. There will be lot of outdoor activities, hikes, barbecues and parties that you can attend. As a new student, it is recommended that you make full use of the opportunities to network with your seniors, mingle with your colleagues and find like-minded friends. You may also want to be involved in extra curricular activities, student clubs and voluntary jobs that will help you get an immersive student experience. Winters in Germany can significantly dampen your social life.

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Fewer new students

Generally, universities in Germany have fewer student intakes in summer than in winter. This is a good thing. Being a newbie in the summer semester means fewer new students. This translates to less chaos. Instead of an overwhelming number of new students trying to find their way on campus, there will be many senior students, international and German students who have been at the university for a while and can help you settle into your new life in Germany.

Time to get settled in

Winters in Germany can get quite harsh. Especially once it starts snowing. You can read up on seasonal depression that is caused due to prolonged deprivation of sunlight. If you arrive in Germany during the summer semester, you will have plenty of time to get settled in and make friends. You will also have a good idea of the important places like supermarkets, clinics and authorities around your area. This can serve you well in dark winters when you can avoid losing your way in knee deep snow and have friends that you can hang out with.

Studying in Germany comes with some initial challenges. Being aware of them allows you to be prepared. Here is everything you must know :

Excellent time to travel

Places to Visit in Germany

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If you have the travel bug, do not think twice before applying for the summer intake. Summer is the best time to explore Europe. You can go all around the continent without any worry of the weather disrupting your travel plans. Your first semester is a great time to travel because initially, for the first three months at least, you will not have the worry of funding your studies since you have a blocked account. Travelling is an essential part of the study abroad experience and is a learning experience that you should not miss.

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Endless days

Summer semester in Germany can get really long. Being close to the north pole, German summers have extremely long days and short nights. Which means that the hours for which you have daylight can be a lot higher than what you are normally used to. This can be puzzling at first but you can make use of endless days by enrolling in subjects that interest you. We strongly suggest that you use this time to redirect your focus to learning the German language.

If you plan well you can make best use of this “extra” time. For more on learning German, click here :

Enjoy the Outdoors

International Summer Camp in Southern Germany

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Summers in Germany are nothing short of heavenly. The skies are bright and the birds are out chirping. The summer semester is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you are a sports lover who loves to play on the field, an athlete who needs the running track or a hiker looking to explore the mountains, summer is the best time to be in Germany. Unlike winter, there will also be opportunities for outdoor social events and gatherings which is great when you are a new student.

Odd jobs galore

Summer semester is the best time for you to make some quick money by working in odd jobs. The minimum wage in Germany is $9.79 per hour which is a pretty good amount for a student to make. When you first arrive in the country for your master’s program, you may find it difficult to find internships and part-time jobs. Odd jobs are the way to go. From waitressing jobs at hotels to mowing lawns and taking dogs out for walks, summer is a great time to make a quick buck.


For international students seeking to pursue higher education in Germany, though winter semester is a popular choice, summer semester has its own advantages. This blog discusses the benefits of enrolling for summer semester programs in Germany, which are personal as well as career specific.

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