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Visa Interview Experience

Amogh Harishanand Kashyap



Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (HS Darmstadt)

Reached the German Consulate General around 10 am whereas my appointment was at 10:40. The security checked my appointment letter, passport, asked me to stick biometric photo on the application forms and sent me in right after that.

VO was in her early 30s

VO: please step forward

Me: Gave awkward smile 🙂

VO: what type of Visa are you applying for?

Me: German Student National Visa

VO: please pass the first set of documents, Passport and originals in the tray

Me: passed

VO: what is your highest qualification?

Me: Bachelor of Engineering

VO: when did you graduate? which college?

Me: In the year 2017 from BMS College of Engineering

VO: Hochschule Darmstadt?

Me: yes

VO: When is the course starting?

Me: Mandatory pre-semester courses and enrolment starts from 2nd September. You can find all the relevant details on the admit letter.

*takes a while to type something on the computer*

VO: What is the duration of the course?

Me: 2 years

VO: please pass the second set of documents.(returns the originals except the Degree certificate)

Me: passed (waiting for her to ask why Germany/ Why this university)

VO: What about accommodation?

Me: I have applied through the university and they have assured me that they will provide the accommodation and have issued a letter stating the same. (waiting for her to ask why Germany/ Why this university)

VO: please keep your fingers for biometrics

Me: kept (waiting for her to ask why Germany/ Why this university)

VO: please keep your thumbs (Returned Employment letter, Transcripts, Higher secondary education certificates and flight tickets)

Me: Kept (waiting for her to ask why Germany/ Why this university)

VO: any german language proficiency certificate?

Me: No but, I have enrolled for A1 level (waiting for her to ask why Germany/ Why this university)

VO: Is enrolment possible in October? as the visa process takes 4-6 weeks and In case it gets delayed?

Me: No madam, The enrolment is possible only in the first week of September and the university recommends us to arrive on 2nd/3rd of September. (waiting for her to ask why Germany/ Why this university)

VO: gave the receipt and asked to verify my name

Me: yes, that looks correct.

VO: You will be intimated by mail about the status of your application after a few days. Please bring this receipt to collect your passport and Degree certificate.

Me: okay, Thank you. Gave the awkward smile again 🙂

Personal views

  • Just stick to the checklist on the website.


  1. Blocked account

  2. Travel and health insurance from Coracle

  3. Apart from these, they accepted loan sanction letter. All other docs were returned

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