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You might have read a lot about the experiences of Visa interview in different Consulates or VFS across the cities, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. But none about Kolkata Consulate. Well atleast I didn’t find any. So my interview was on 2nd August 11.00 AM. So here it goes,

  • Make sure you reach atleast 15 mins before your scheduled appointment. They really don’t let you in after that. I know a person who was 5 mins late and he wasn’t allowed in.

  • Keep all the documents ready as per checklist. (In order).

  • Take a print out of the appointment letter as it will be required at the entry itself. You will be given a key to keep your belongings and carry only the documents inside the consulate.

  • Be seated patiently and keep the DD, DD form and passport handy. (Make sure the DD has the name written correctly on it, even an extra space or a broken word with hyphen or no space will not be accepted). I know it because I saw atleast 5/12 candidates being sent back because of erroneous DD. You’ll have to get another appointment with the documents.) Save yourself the hassle and make sure the DD is printed correctly. They don’t accept cash or card.

  • You’ll be asked about which University you are applying to, which course and about your past degree and work experience.

  • Remember to sign all the documents including the cover letter.

  • You will be asked then to present you passport for scanning.

  • Few more questions related to the fees and sponsorship. I had a blocked account opened with fintiba of 8640 euros. Also had attached credila loan sanction.

  • They didn’t ask about accommodation however I had attached a print out of the application that I’ve applied to student services.

  • Keep health insurance and travel insurance since it’s part of the checklist.

  • They inform you about 4-6 weeks of processing time and return your passport with the money receipt. This receipt is important which has to be brought later for visa stamping.

  • Just to be safe, carry your original documents however I wasnt asked to show anything. P.S – if your documents is as per checklist and no error in DD, your visa interview will just go fine. So don’t worry. All the best. 🙂

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