Application Process for Clausthal University of Technology

Clausthal University of Technology and supports the internationalization of studies. It particularly offers advice to German and foreign students with respect to their studies in Clausthal or the procurement of university places abroad. This article will help you to guide step by step procedure for applying in Clausthal University of Technology for master's program.

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Application Process for TU Clausthal

Steps to apply for degree courses in TU Clausthal:

1. Here you have to fill the application form after that you have to post all the documents by post.


Apply for University of TU Clausthal by Online

Start of studies

1. Select the semester in which you want to start/continue your studies at TU Clausthal. 2. Enter surname and all given names as they appear in your official ID-card or your passport and enter your address.

Education Details

1. Fill your Intended degree and where did you previously study? 2. Enter here the number of semesters you have already studied at Germany universities/universities of applied sciences.

Education Details Cont.

1. If you have already completed a degree prior to your highest degree, please state your second highest completed degree here. 2. If at the beginning of the term you are concurrently enrolled at another university/university of applied sciences in Germany.


1. Enter your profession and practical experience if you have any.

Other Information

1. If you would like to complete the intended degree at a location other than at TU Clausthal, fill in the following information.


1. After filling the application form you can submit the application form.

2. Attach the documents listed in the printout and send the letter together with those documents to the Clausthal University of Technology.


1. Print out your data for “viewing purposes”.

2. Send your documents (eg a copy of the certificate, etc.) by mail to the address below.

Clausthal University of Technology Student
Student Secretariat
PO Box 1253
38670 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Disclaimer: The application process may vary slightly depending on your target field. So kindly check if there are any additional steps or documents that may be required.