Application Process for Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten - University of applied sciences

It is a public university in the city of Weingarten, in south of German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. This university has a very good reputation regarding engineering studies. According to CHE ranking, HS Weingarten is among the top 30 universities throughout Germany and is number one in Baden-Wurttemberg state. This article will help you to guide step by step procedure for applying at Ravensburg University for master's program.

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Application Process for Hochschule Ravensburg

Steps to apply for degree courses at Hochschule Ravensburg University of applied sciences include:

1. All applicants for a Master’s degree program who have per-sued their Bachelor’s degree outside of the Germany country, first they need to apply for the online application form on their university portal

2. Next, you need to take the print out of the application form along with attested documents and mail them to their university address


Apply for Hochschule Ravensburg Online Portal

Online Application

1. Click on “Start Online Application” and read all the details carefully before filling the form

2. Goto bottom to apply for Hochschule Ravensburg – University of applied sciences

3. Read the “Introduction” section carefully and click on “Next”

Details on Application

1. Read the “Details On Application” page carefully, it will help you to fill the form easily without any doubts

Personal Details

1. Fill your personal data and click on “Next”


1. Fill your corresponding address details and communication details

2. Click on “Next”

University Entrance Qualification (UEQ)

1. You will be asked to enter your data of UEQ (University Entrance Qualification) which means your higher secondary education certificate and which allows you to enter universities for undergraduate studies.

2. For “type of UEQ” please select: ”general university entrance qualification abroad” and at the field “grade point average of UEQ” please enter the percentage or CGPA of your higher secondary education results

3. For “Place of acquisition of the UEQ” Please select Outside Germany only for international applicants and respectively select your country where you have completed your higher secondary education qualification and click on “Next”


1. For “Degree” please select Master with the previous degree” and click on “Next”

2. For “study” select the course which your interested to apply for and “study form” please the Post-Graduate studies option and click on “Next”

Previous Studies

1. For “Enrolled at university” select the country where you have first enrolled for studies

2. For “First University” select the university where you have studied, international applicants please select “university outside

3. Germany” and in next field, you have to fill your year of enrolment for Bachelor Study

4. If you were previously studied in Germany then fill out the below fields or else leave it blank and click on “Next”

5. In “History of Studies” if you have enrolled to any of the university then fill the below fields or else leave it blank and click on “Next”

6. In Affidavit” read the declaration information and click on “Submit Application”

Final Remark

Final Remark
  • 1. After submission of application, you will get the application number and in below there will be an option to Print the application form click on "Print Application"
  • 2. You will redirected to the new page, here important is that, you have to click on the documents whichever it is required and other documents which you want to send
  • 3. Take the print out of the application and send it to the below address along with attested documents
  • Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
    Studierenden-Service room H022
    88250 Weingarten, Germany

NOTE: Although they have not asked for bachelor degree but please you need to send them your all academic certificates along with SOP, LORs and CV. The data evaluation of the applications for the Master programs in English is done on the basis of the submitted transcripts of records of the undergraduate studies, work experience or research activities (if applicable), references, English skills and GRE scores (if applicable).

Disclaimer: The application process may vary slightly depending on your target field. So kindly check if there are any additional steps or documents that may be required.

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