Application Process for Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU)

The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität is a public research university located in Munich, Germany. The LMU has recently been conferred the title of "elite university" under the German Universities Excellence Initiative and second-largest university in terms of student population. This article will help you to guide step by step procedure for applying in LMU for master's program.

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Application Process for LMU

Steps to apply for degree courses in Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) include :

1. All applicants for a Master’s degree program who have per-sued their Bachelor’s degree outside of the Germany country, first they need to apply for LMU online application form for their respective course/program.

2. Next, submit your completed application form along with required documents to the LMU International Office.


Apply for LMU Online Portal

Online Application

1. Goto bottom of the page to apply for LMU online application form.

2. Click on “Application Form” a pdf file opens and start filling the necessary fields.

Desired Degree

1. Choose the semester which you want to apply for and year which you want to apply for;

2. In “Desired Subject of study” write the course/program which you want to apply for, Example: Master’s degree in Chemistry (major): Enter “Chemistry” as your major and tick “Master’s” as your desired degree. Please leave the fields “2nd major or minor”, and “2nd minor” as blank.

3. In “Entry level” need only be completed if you are applying for entry into a higher semester (i.e. above the first semester). In this case, please submit a “credit transfer statement” from the respective examination board with your application.

Personal Information

1. Fill your personal details and postal address as same as it in “passport”.

Educational Background

1. For “Schooling” Please provide details of your schooling from the first day of primary school to graduation day and similar to secondary school which you qualified in your home country.

2. For “School Certificate” Please enter the exact date, the original name of your school-leaving certificate and the country in which it was awarded.

3. For “University Entrance Qualification” please enter the name of the exam, the result and the date the certificate was issued.

4. For “University Preparatory” This section should only be filled out by applicants who attended a university preparatory or foundation course.

5. For “Prior University Study” please indicate your previous degree programme, the duration of the study, and passed or attempted examinations and their respective grades.

6. For “Other Activities” If you completed your education or training some time ago, please enter any other activities you undertook between the completion of your education and the date of application.

Language Proficiency

1. Please specify the English Language proficiency and enter the details for the following exam you have taken.

Other Information

1. For “Other admission-relevant question” although this an optional question, if you answered these question truthfully, it may improve your chances of admission.

2. If you have taken the TestAS, please indicate the results of the core test and subject module as shown on your TestAS certificate.

Other Info. Cont..

1. For “Other Application” it will help to facilitate the processing of your application. An incorrect answer may result in your application being rejected.

2. For “Special Reason for your choice of the university” You may specify why you would like to gain admission to this particular university and degree programme.

Application for admission

Higher Education Qualification Details
  • For "Application for admission to the Feststellungsprüfung” If your educational certificates detailed in section 4 do not qualify you for direct admission to a full degree programme, you will be required to take the “Feststellungsprüfung” (university qualification assessment examination) which assesses your suitability for your desired course of study. You can only be admitted to the Studienkolleg once you have completed an entrance exam.
  • For "Application for admission to a university preparatory German language course" specify yes, if you want to register for the course or else no.
  • Finally, write your place, date and hand-written signature and send to LMU International Office postal address.
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
    International Office - Zulassung
    Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
    80539 München

Disclaimer: The application process may vary slightly depending on your target field. So kindly check if there are any additional steps or documents that may be required.

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