Application Process for Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

Hamburg University is known as youngest universities in Germany which provides various study program for bachelor and masters. It provides most of the courses in English language which attracts the students from all over the world. This article will help you to guide step by step procedure for applying in Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) for master's program.

Online Application Only

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No Hard Copies

Pre-Check of Application


Application Process for TUHH

Steps to apply for degree courses in Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) include :

1. All applicant’s who wanted to pursue Master’s program in Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) has to apply on their online portal. In the first step, call the Pre-Check, you need to provide them your academic details following which you will receive an email which tells you whether or not you are eligible to apply for the Masters course in TUHH.

2. If your GPA meets admission requirement you will get an mail from university to apply for Master’s program in TUHH. The application process for TUHH is completely online. So no need to post the hard copies of application documents to them.


Apply for Online Preliminary Assessment Test


1. Click on start button to start your pre-check process

2. Click Here to goto for online preliminary assessment test

Personal Details

1. Fill the personal details as per your degree or mark-sheets name and click on Next button

Academic Details

1. Fill your academic background details as university name, country, degree, course, duration and grades and select which course you want to apply for, click on “Next button”


1. This is your preview or overview of your online preliminary assessment test, if all details are correct then click on submit button or click on previous button to edit or modify


1. This is result of online preliminary assessment test, they will send you mail if your bachelor’s study course and GPA meets admission requirement and you can proceed to apply for Master’s program online, click on the link to apply for Master’s program


Apply for TUHH Online Portal

Online Portal

Online Application Portal
Online Application Portal

Personal Details

Personal Details
  • Fill all required fields and click on the next button


  • Next fill your current or permanent address, email address and phone number, click on next button

Select Degree

Degree Selection
  • Select a degree from drop down menu which is appropriate for your course and click on next button

Select Course

Course Selection
  • Select a program from drop down menu which your interested to apply for Master's program and click on next button


  • Confirm the above details you have filled is correct from your knowledge, if form is incomplete or in case information you have provided is wrong, your admission can be revoked, next click on submit button

Application Number

Application Registered Number
  • After submission of all your necessary information, you will get an 'application number', you have to write down this number for further process
  • Now you have to login into special online application portal, they will provide you the link to login as shown in above image

Special Online Portal

Special online application portal
  • Now you need to login into your account using your application registered number i.e. 8 digits number and your given date-of-birth ( details, click on OK button

Status of Application

Status of application
  • After login into your account you will be directed to this page, read the instruction carefully in order to continue your further process of application
  • Click on Status of application button given on left side-bar of the page, there will be a menu called ECTS, click on that to fill the ECTS form


ECTS form
  • Above the ECTS form, you will find your application details. Scroll down and read the instruction carefully to fill this form, you can fill this form in Credit Points (CP) or in Hours according to your Bachelors university's convention
  • For TUHH minimum credit points required is 90 CP in that 16 CP must be in Mathematics subjects and remaining 74 CP from your course subjects.

For Example lets us consider the below table for ECTS calculation :

  • Please refer the table below, consider any one subject from your course (Digital Communication), you should know details such as Number of lecture hours per week and Number of weeks per semester since you have already completed (about to complete) your bachelors.
  • For the "Digital Communication" subject, let's assume 4 hours in a week lecture and 4 hours per week on assignments, home work and self study. Since typically the lecture period runs for 4 months in a semester, let's assume, Number of weeks per semester as 16.
SubjectNo. of Hours per weekNo. of weeks per semesterTotal No. of Hours
Digital Communication4 (Classes)1664
4 (Assignment + Study hrs)1664
Grand Total =128 Hours
  • Now calculate by multiplying,

No. of hrs per week x No. of weeks per semester = Total hours

i.e 4 hrs x 16 weeks = 64 total hrs

  • Similarly Consider,

4 hours per week for self study or assignment x 16 weeks per semester = 64 total hours,

calculate the grand total of hours i.e approximately equal to 128 hours

  • According to European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

30 study hours = 1 ECTS credit point

  • Now divide the total no. of hours by ECTS hours,

i.e., 128 hrs / 30 hrs = 4.2 CP approximately 4 credit for "Digital Communication"

  • Similar calculation for practical labs or workshop as done above
  • Consider "C programming Lab", assume 3 hours in a week will be taken and you will be having 16 weeks for each semester,

i.e., 3 hrs X 16 weeks = 48 hrs

SubjectNo. of Hours per weekNo. of weeks per semesterTotal No. of Hours
C Programming Lab3 (Labs)1648
3 (Assignment + Study hrs)1648
Grand Total =96 Hours
  • Assume you will be having 3 hrs self study per week and you will be having 16 weeks for each semester,

i.e., 3 hrs x 16 weeks = 48 hrs

  • Now divide the total no. of hours by ECTS hours,

i.e. 96 hrs / 30 hrs = 3.2 CP approximately 3 credit for "C programming Lab"

  • If your university already has a credit system or mention of hours in your transcipts then DO NOT use this method. You can enter the credits or hours directly into the second column.

Upload Documents

Menu Bar
Upload Document
  • Click on Upload Documents in menu bar, below there will be a link called 'upload document' and there will be one more link for document requirements (for more information)
  • Documents required are CV, Bachelor's degree certificate, Transcript, Proof of English, Letter of motivation i.e SOP and LOR. All these document should be in pdf format, maximum file size is 7MB
  • Finally submit your documents by clicking on upload and submit button

Confirmation of Application

Menu Bar
Completion of your application submission
  • Click on Confirm Application on menu bar, again below click on confirmation link, click on check box by accepting all the information is correct according to my knowledge and finally click on 'confirm' button
  • After this you will receive a pop up message, your application process will start and please visit online application portal regularly to check your application status.
  • No need to send the application documents by post since this is completely an online process.

Disclaimer: The application process may vary slightly depending on your target field. So kindly check if there are any additional steps or documents that may be required.

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