Application Process for Hof University of Applied Sciences

As a University of Applied Sciences, it pay special attention to the practice orientation of all courses and assignments and professors have profound experience both in the industry and in academia. This article will help you to guide step by step procedure for applying in Hof University of Applied Sciences for master's program.

Direct Application

No Uni assist

No Hard Copies

No Interview


Application Process for Hof University of Applied Sciences

1. The online application will ask for all the answers you need to complete your application for admission to the degree program you are looking for.

2. After that, you can upload all requested documents in the form.


Apply by Online Portal


1. Click on “Registration” button to apply for the application process.

2. Enter your email address for verification and after getting the code you can directly login to the application process.

Select Degree program

1. Select your degree program from the given options.

Additional questions

1. In “Additional question” fill about your university details such as ECTS, practical experience, describe your knowledge and so on.

2. After that click on overview page to check the application process.

Personal Data

1. Click on the “Personal data” and fill all the required field given form.

Education Details

Preliminary Studies

1. Enter your preliminary studies by click on the “foreign preliminary studies” and fill all the details asked for.

Upload Documnet

1. Here you have to upload all the documents which are asked for.

  • 1. After uploading all the documents you can submit the online application form.

Disclaimer: The application process may vary slightly depending on your target field. So kindly check if there are any additional steps or documents that may be required.

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