Application Process for RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is the biggest university of technology in Germany which comes under the TU9 university group. It also one of Europe’s leading institutions for science and research. Here Master Programmes are available in all disciplines including arts, social science, and economics. This article will help you to guide step by step procedure for applying in RWTH Aachen University for master's program.

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Application Process for RWTH Aachen University

Steps to apply for degree courses at RWTH Aachen University include:

1. All applicants for a Master’s degree program who have pursued their Bachelor’s degree outside of Germany, need to apply via online application on RWTH online portal


RWTH Aachen Online Portal

RWTH Online

1. If you are not registered then click on register in RWTHonline link if your already registered login with your username and password as shown below

2. Click Here to go for more information about applying for Master’s program instruction and documents requirements

3. Click Here to goto RWTH online portal


1. Fill your personal details, valid email address and submit the form to click Confirm Data button

2. Check your filled entries are correct or not, especially your email address, click on Submit Data

Mail Confirmation

1. After submission of data in registration, goto to your email to activate your account in RWTH online portal, Click on the link to activate

Email Validation

1. Click on the “Activation Link” to activate your account and also validate your email account

Mail Confirmation Cont..

1. After activation, you will be asked to enter a password, finally registration process over here


1. Again goto RWTH online portal to log in to your account

New Application

1. Click on Application button to apply for Master’s program, there will be a button on right-top of your page, click on “Enter New Applicant” button


RWTH Online Application Process


Course Selection


Degree Selection
  • 1. Which studies you want to apply for - Master Programme
  • 2. Similarly select degree program, entrance semester and form of studies, if your bachelor holder and applying for a masters program select 'Consecutive degree'

Personal Details

Personal Details
  • 1. Check your personal details are correct or not and fill the empty box in the field as place of birth, nationality etc.

Select Degree

  • 1. Check your address details, if anything left over, you can fill here and if your permanent address is same as correspondence address then click on the check box

Higher Entrance qualification

Higher education entrance qualification
  • 1. Fill your higher education entrance qualification details (Class XII or Diploma) such as select type of your qualification, name on your certificate, completion date, grades, name of school and location

Degree Academic Details

Degree academic details
Degree academic details
  • 1. Click on Add Degree, in this fill your degree education details, select the country where your university is located, give university name if it is not in select option then you can write your university name below that
  • 2. Give your university URL, Degree obtained and form of study details, next fill the major subject you have studied during your course
  • 3. Fill the start and end of your course semester, total number of leaves, internship you have obtained and finally fill your degree grade and completion of your degree date and click on save and close button
  • 4. If you are still in college, then you need to fill in status>intermediate exam>passed as a whole. If you have finished the degree, then you need to fill in status>Final exam>passed as a whole.

Upload Documents

Upload Transcript
Upload CV
Module Catalogue
Upload GRE marksheet
Other Proof of Performance / Assessments
  • 1. Upload all the required documents as specified by the university, there is a link given above to check the documents requirement
  • 2. Upload your transcript, CV+SOP, Module Catalogue, GRE marksheet or certificate and there is one more called other proof of assessment here you upload your degree certificate, all these document should be in pdf format
  • 1. Upload CV+SOP as a single document
  • 2. You can upload the LORs in the last section (Other Proof of Performance/Assessments) although it is not explicitly mentioned.

Supplementary Sheets

  • 1. Click on "Supplementary Sheets" for respective course selected, It is an excel sheets to fill out your previous Bachelor's subjects details
  • 2. Click on "How to fill Supplementary Sheets" to know how to fill 'Supplementary Sheets' for your respective program degree
  • 3. Each form addresses one subject and consists of three parts to fill, make sure you have entered your name and application ID above
  • 4. First part consists of list of courses at your home university and their corresponding coursework amount. You may list upto 6 modules from your UG studies that contains topics that we seek in this subject, if you have no course to fill in this sheet, leave it as blank
  • 5. Second part is the overview of course contents. Please match each row with the course #1 to #6 if applicable, else leave the box unchecked if a topic was uncovered
  • 6. Third part is that, you should list the 'Course References' i.e. links of syllabus from your home university website's or if the syllabus is uploaded as an attachment then please mention filename here
  • 7. Use this sample supplementary sheets for reference how to fill it, please fill the course content as per your home university and what you have studied during your course

German Language Skills

German language skills
German language skills
Upload German language certificate
  • 1. German language skill is not a mandatory step if your applying for "English Taught" courses else if your applying for "German Taught" course then it is mandatory to give German language skill certificate
  • 2. Select appropriate option for German language skills you have obtained and need to upload German language certificate in pdf format only

Print Application

Submitted Application
Print Application
  • 1. After submission of application, you will directed to this page, click on 'Print application for admission' button
  • 2. A pdf file will generated, you can take print out of application or download and take print out of application, you can check our sample application below
  • 1. Your application is now complete. Sit back and relax but keep checking the online portal regularly for the status of your application. You will be notified by email if you get the acceptance or rejection.

Disclaimer: The application process may vary slightly depending on your target field. So kindly check if there are any additional steps or documents that may be required.

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