Application Process for TH Ingolstadt

This article will help you to guide step by step procedure for applying in TH Ingolstadt for master's program. The University of Technology Ingolstadt ( THI ) is a college founded in 1994 with headquarters in Ingolstadt , today a technical university without a doctorate.


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Application Process for TH Ingolstadt

Steps to apply for degree courses in TH Ingolstadt include:

1. Apply for Preliminary Document Verification (VPD) by Uni Assist till 15 June.

2. After receiving VPD from uni-assist you can register in the application portal of TH Ingolstadt using your generated Uni-Assist VPD number.


Apply for Uni-Assist Online Portal


1. Click on the uni-assist link you will get the Uni-Assist applicant portal home page.

2. To log in to a Uni-Assist portal, click on ‘login’ option which is given on left sidebar.

Upload Documents

1. Click on the ‘Upload and Manage Files’.

2. Now you need to upload all the documents in the uploading section once(except SOP, you should write a separate one for all University/courses you apply for) for all the universities. 3. After successful upload of your file, it will show the list of files you have uploaded

Search University

1. To search for university and courses, go to ‘Uni-Assist home’ or index page, click on ‘search for a study program’ option which is on the left sidebar as shown in the first image.

2. Next, choose the semester option i.e winter or summer, then choose for what your applying for example master click on it and then click on ‘start search’ button.

3. The search result will be displayed for your entered data, so if you want to edit there is an option called ‘click here’ button, to modify your search.

4. Next, click on the course or desired qualification that you are interested in.

General Question

1. After clicking on your desired course you will get the list of course from where you can choose your desired course.

2. After selecting the course, click on create application button, your application will be created.

3. If you are studied before in Germany fill the details of your university, course and duration period or else leave it blank

4. Next, if you studied outside of Germany fill the details of your study, internship or any training course here

5. If at any time you have not been involved in any particular activity, enter the period and write “no special activity” and click on go to next step button

Allocate Files

1. Here you can choose files to allocate them with the application, which you were uploaded before itself and click on go to next step button.

Submit Online

1. Read the notice, terms and conditions before you accept it then accept terms and conditions and click on submit online button.

2. Click on the print application button, University application file will be generated in pdf format, download it.

3. 3. Finally, take the print of your application along with all documents you have allocated for it.

Pay for Uni-Assist​

1. You can transfer the cost of your application to Uni-Assist through bank transfer or through credit card form.

2. Take print of the application and documents allocated to this university (careful while selecting SOP among different SOP’s)

3. Do keep a list of content in a packet for their convenience. Take a printout of addresses as given below (also applicant no.) paste on a packet and send it to uni-assist through DHL/FedEx at least 2-3 months before the deadline.

Apply through the University Portal

  • 1. Go to the university portal and register yourself for the application process.
  • 2. After that you will get a activation mail to login the online portal.
  • 1. Fill your personal data in this form.
  • 1. Here you have to fill the educational details about your university.
  • 1. Upload all the required document along with VPD certificate.
  • 2. After that click on the submit button.

Disclaimer: The application process may vary slightly depending on your target field. So kindly check if there are any additional steps or documents that may be required.

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