Application Process for Technische Universität München (TUM)

The Technical University of Munich is a research university with campuses in Arcisstrasse, Garching and Freising-Weihenstephan. It is a member of TU9, and till now it is the only state university dedicated to technology. This is a step by step guide to applying for TUM for any master's program in general.


Uni Assist

Hard Copies

Interview (Aptitude Test)


Application Process for TUM

Steps to apply for degree courses in Technische Universität München (TUM) include :

1. Preliminary Document Verification (VPD) by Uni Assist

2. TUM online application portal using your generated Uni-Assist VPD number


Applying for TUM using the Online Portal


1. You need to start the online application by registering on the online portal using a valid email address

2. Click Here to apply for TUM online portal registration page, click on ‘Please create a new applicant account here’ as shown in the image above

New Applicant Account

1. Fill all personal details to create a new applicant account in TUM online portal as shown in image and click on create applicant account

2. You will be receiving a mail from TUM for activation of your user account, they will send you your username and current password, so you have change your current password because password which they send you will have validation period for 1 week only

Select Course

1. Next after creating your account, you will start filling your details, so select the course semester from drop down menu in which your interested to apply for Winter or Summer and click on continue button

Select Degree

1. Select Type of studies from drop down menu, for example master’s program or doctoral program

2. Select Type of degree from drop down menu, for example master of science or master of arts etc

3. Select Type of degree program from drop down menu that your interest to apply, for example Data Science or Informatics

4. Select the form of studies from drop down menu, for example if your pursuing second degree then select second degree

5. Click on check box by accepting that before you have studied at university and click on continue button

Personal Details

1. Fill out the remaining personal data and click on continue button


1. Fill your correspondence address and if your correspondence address is same as permanent address then click on below checkbox and click on the continue button

Academic Details

1. Give your higher education qualification details, if you are a foreign citizenship education qualification then select the second option. Note: In India, your class XII certificate is the Higher Education Entrance qualification.

Give the original certificate name, date and average grade you have obtained and Fill the name of the school, location, and country of school and click on the continue button
Academic Degree Qualification Details
  • 1. Click on Add Degree, in this fill your degree education details, select the country where your university is located, give university name if it is not in select option then you can write your university name below that
  • 2. Give your university URL, Degree obtained and form of study details, next fill the major subject you have studied during your course
  • 3. Fill the start and end of your course semester, total number of leaves, internship you have obtained and finally fill your degree grade and completion of your degree date and click on save and close button

Aptitude Assessment

Aptitude Assessment Date Selection
  • 1. You need to select the date of your personal interview or aptitude assessments, select the convenient date given in that and give your alternative date also and there will be level 2 aptitude assessment test
  • 2. Click on continue button and after this there will be further information column will, if you have any extra-curricular activities then click on check box they have provided and click on continue button

Documents Upload

Upload Passport Size Photo
Upload Passport Details
Upload Health Insurance Details
  • 1. Upload recent passport size digital photo and click on continue button
  • 2. Upload passport front page details and click on continue button
  • 3. Upload health Insurance details (not mandatory) in pdf format by naming health insurance and click on continue button

Write an Essay

Write Essay on Specified Topics
  • 1. You need to write an original approximately 1000 words essay on their topics, you will get the essay topics by clicking on their specified link
  • 2. Write the essay in your own words approximately 1000-1200 words, they will provide you topics to write an essay, prepare well for writing essay, do check spelling, grammar and proper sentence forming
  • 3. After writing an essay or else you can write an essay later also, next click on continue button for further process

Write your CV

Write your CV
  • 1. You need to write your curriculum-vitae (CV), they will see your educational background without any gaps, no longer than 4 months
  • 2. Write your educational qualification in chronological order without any gaps, if gaps is there longer than 4 months then, you need to specify in explanation (e.g. Part-Time job , travel etc.)
  • 3. Next click on continue button

Write an Letter of Motivation

Write an Motivation letter

Proof of English

Confirmation of Application
  • 1. Before this step, you need to upload your VPD file, i.e first you need to apply in Uni-Assist, after applying in Uni-Assist, your TUM application is generated, download that file and upload here
  • 2. Next upload your English proficiency test marks, there are various option choose any one of that and fill the appropriate details of test and click on continue button
  • 3. After this your application preview will be shown, you need to check your details, you filled correct or not and accept the declaration and click on send button to send your application, after this you cannot modify or edit it so before itself check your all details

Print Application

Submitted Application
  • 1. After submission of application, you will directed to this page, click on 'print application for admission or enrolment' button
  • 2. A pdf file will generated, you can take print out of application or download and take print out of application, you can check our sample application below
  • 3. You need to sign on your application and send all the documents you have uploaded with it and post this application to TUM address

Disclaimer: The application process may vary slightly depending on your target field. So kindly check if there are any additional steps or documents that may be required.

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