Application Process for Ulm University

Ulm University is a public university in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The university was founded in 1967 and focuses on natural sciences, medicine, engineering sciences, mathematics, economics and computer science. This article will help you to guide step by step procedure for applying in Ulm University for master's program.

Direct Application + Excel Form

No Uni assist

Hard Copies only

No Interview


Application Process for Ulm University

1. You will enter data and submit it online. By clicking on “data view” you can take a look at the data entered at each stage. At the end of the registration procedure, you can print the complete “data view” for your records.

2. You will get access to the application form at the end of the registration procedure. Please download and save the form.

3. Finish the registration procedure first and then take your time to complete the form on your computer.

4. Send it by e-mail to a respective e-mail address of Ulm University.


Apply for Ulm University by Online

Start the program

1. Read the instruction carefully and click to the next button to continue the programme.

2. Click the “Next” button for winter semester.

3. Select your degree program and course that you want to pursue.

Personal Details

1. Select your personal details and contact address given form.

Educational Background

1. Enter your higher education that you have completed and mentioned all the details like University name, degree, Year that you have completed and so on.

Declaration and Submit

1. Read the declaration form and click to the “Next” button.

2. Download your Application Form.Xlsx from the given application process.

Fill the Excel form

1. After completing the online registration, please proceed to fill the Application Form.xlsx.

2. Filled correctly with information on the grading system at your university as well as information on the courses you attended.

3. The filled application form has to be sent by e-mail (excel file is ok) to the address.

Send Application

1. Print out the data that you entered for your own records Data view PDF and Cover sheet for your application package.

2. Signed and send the documents by regular mail to the following postal address:

Ulm University
Studienkommission Physik
MSc Physics
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89081 Ulm, Germany

Application Sample

1. Data view record.

2. cover sheet for your application package.

Sign and add the cover sheet to your application package.

Disclaimer: The application process may vary slightly depending on your target field. So kindly check if there are any additional steps or documents that may be required.

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