Application Process for University of Applied Sciences Mittweida

In University of Applied Sciences Mittweida study programmes are characterised by a strong orientation towards hands-on experiences and it also takes part in the European programme ERASMUS+ and is a partner in international projects.This article will help you to guide step by step procedure for applying in University of Applied Sciences Mittweida for master's program.

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Application Process for Mittweida (UAS)

Steps to apply for degree courses in University of Applied Sciences Mittweida include :

1. An online application is not possible for international applicants so you have to download the form and enter all information by computer.

2. After that signed it, attached all the required documents along with application form and send it by post.


Apply for Mittweida (UAS) Online Form

Desired degree programme

1. Choose the semester in which you want to start your studies at the university and write your desired degree programme and studies.

Personal Details

1. Enter your Personal details (as in your passport) and Postal address.

Educational Background

1. Provide details of your schooling from the first day of primary school to graduation day at secondary school which qualified you for university admission in your home country.

2. Enter the date of the original name of your school-leaving certificate and the country in which it was awarded.

3. If you completed your education or training some time ago enter any other activities you undertook the completion of your education and the date of application.

Language Proficiency

1. If you hold any German or English language certificates listed in this section, indicate which type you obtained and the grade and/or level of proficiency you achieved.

Other Admission-Relevant

1. Fill Other admission-relevant questions as given in the form.

2. If you have taken the TestAS, an examination that assesses one’s ability to master the challenges of university study in Germany, indicate the results of the core test and subject module as shown on your TestAS certificate.

Other applications

1. If have you ever applied for admission to this university before then select “yes” then mention semester and semester degree programme.

2. In “Special reasons for your choice” of the university you have to specify why you would like to gain admission to this particular university and degree programme.

3. Select “Yes” if you want to register for a university preparatory German language course in the coming semester.

Print Out

1. After completing application process print it out, sign below and include all your documents listed below;

– Passport copy (35×45 mm, with your name written on the back)

– Secondary school-leaving certificate
– Proof of one or two semesters of study at home, transcript of records of each semester
– Proof of German or English language skills

3. Send all your application documents by post to:
Hochschule Mittweida
Admission Service
Ms. Simone Natzschka
Postfach 1457
09644 Mittweida

Disclaimer: The application process may vary slightly depending on your target field. So kindly check if there are any additional steps or documents that may be required.

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