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Here are the experiences shared by our students who successfully completed their Visa Interview.

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Visa Interview Questions

If you visited the country before, it is recommended to remember the date of arrival and departure from the country where you had applied for the visa.

This question is asked by the officer to check your intention to go there. 

This is asked by the officer, to check whether you have done enough research regarding your education and you are serious about it.

This is asked to check whether you know the details of course you have applied for.

This is asked to know whether the course is available here and what made you to visit Germany to study the course. All you need to do is explain difference between the course offered in India and in Germany.

It is advised to remember the dates exactly.

This is asked to check how you are going to manage your finances during your stay in Germany.


If you have the full time scholarship then answer that I have a scholarship. Otherwise say the name of your sponsors. If your sponsors are your parents, then say that my father /mother is sponsoring my education.


This is asked by the visa officer to know the financial capacity of your sponsor. 
Take the bank statements, other supporting documents with you which indicate exact income source of your sponsors.

State a confident answer and show your blocked account statement which indicates that you have the sufficient funds.

Please know the GPA of your percentage before you answer to this question.

This is a frequently asked question in VI. Do prior research and get to know about your target university’s profile.

Remember to arrange your documents in order before you go for the interview. When they ask you for a document, you can give them without any delay. 

It is asked to know you better. So say to them what were you doing after your last school. And don’t forget mention your achievements, skills and sincerity.   

Tell them the exact address (of hostel, your friend’s residence etc.) without any second thoughts.

Say ‘YES’ if you have any relatives or just mention ‘NO’.

For this question, give a answer that should express clarity of your thoughts and your intentions. 

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