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Kiran Singh Tekam

Studying abroad is a unique experience that can teach you plenty of things. You will learn to communicate with people from different countries or learn to be independent. Before that, you come across many challenges that would become a part of your life. 1. Homesickness Homesickness is one of the biggest problems that most of …

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Most of the German Universities offer less or no tuition fees, but the living cost in Germany will need enough monetary support.  In order to provide sufficient financial statement, students can show their scholarship detail or any sponsorship (from the person staying in Germany) or blocked account. With respect to a blocked account, it is …

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This article is a guide to those who would want to make their lives easier while studying in German university. German universities offer high-quality education with a unique cultural experience, and studying there would give you all the possible opportunities to explore and experience life at its fullest. Whether it is food, culture or day …

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According to official data, at present Indian students in Germany are the third largest groups of international students. For Indian students, in order to study in Germany, the very first thing is to find out which course you need to pursue.  So, it is easy for you to find the complete requirement for course and …

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It feels disappointing when all your hard work, time, and energy fail to obtain Visa because it is one of the necessary documents for the students to study abroad. But, it is not like that nothing can be done after getting a rejection because many students think that their dream of studying at some of …

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GyanDhan is one of the prominent finance companies which provide accessible guidelines for education loans abroad.  It started in April 2016, and soon it has got massive responses from more than 1000s recipients. GyanDhan headquartered in New Delhi and managed by Senbonzakura Consultancy Private Limited.  It has become India’s first leading education financing platform in …

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After completing preliminary studies, Most of the students come across with this vague feeling where to go for a bachelor’s education. And they start hunting for that one specific university which can suit his/her profile and preference.  Though there are tons of universities out there in the world and all seem wonderful to opt for. …

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