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Kavya Shree

I had booked my Visa interview at the first slot, i.e. at 9.00 A.M. I reached the consulate at 8.30 A.M. The  security personnel checked by appointment letter and passport and allocated the counter 3. The VO was a lady VO : Good morningMe : Good Morning VO : Please keep your 2 sets of …

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The job seeker visa for Germany is a Long-Term Residency Permit, which allows you to stay in the country for six months and look for a job. If at the end of the six months you have found a place of employment, you will be given the German work visa or a German work permit …

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1. General Employment Acceptance of foreign nationals in the general employment category is based on the economic needs of the Federal Republic of Germany. The two basic conditions are: Vocational qualification A concrete offer of a contract of employment You will need the following documentation: Application form for a residence permit Two passport size, color …

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Technische Universität (TU) Vs. Fachhochschule (FH) Almost all the German universities can be broadly classified as either a ‘university’ or a ‘University of Applied Sciences’ (as weird as it may sound). Techincal Universities (TU) are the subcategory of universities. They are more research oriented and provide theoretical knowledge based on the subjects which related to …

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Top 10 Universities for Business Administration In Germany Business administration is a field which deals with the management of a business. It includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations and related field which include Accounting, Finance, and Marketing. When it comes to management studies in Germany, having a good knowledge of German is …

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Top 10 Universities For Material Engineering In Germany Material Science and Engineering is the discovery and design of new materials, with an emphasis on solids. It is an interdisciplinary branch which combines Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. Germany, while producing the top graduates in natural sciences, has many courses to offer in Material Science and Engineering. …

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Top 10 Universities For Bio Engineering In Germany Bio Engineering deals with the application of Engineering concepts into biology (including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) to solve real world problems related to life sciences. The study of Bio Systems Engineering is currently an on demand course in Germany and worldwide. Here are the top universities in Germany …

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Graduate Record Examination The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that is required to be taken by students seeking admission to graduate schools. The exam has been developed to evaluate the verbal, analytical and mathematical skills of the candidates. GRE is a computer-based test and has a user-friendly design. Individuals applying to graduate …

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Top 10 Universities for Electrical Engineering In Germany Electrical Engineering is one of the favourite fields of study for students all over the world. Although it mainly deals with the study of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism, it is now a culmination of Software and computer engineering as well. The abundance of mechanical and software industries …

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