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Best Resources for Learning German

Best Resources For Learning German​

German is the most widely used mother tongue in Europe. Although it is often deemed to be one of the most difficult languages to master, learning German surely has its perks. Here’s a video explaining top reasons to learn German.

In the current information age, learning a new language isn’t just restricted to studying textbooks. This article will introduce you to several online resources which can make learning German much more fun. It is recommended to use them alongside a regular German language course.

There are no specific rules when it comes to learning a new language. Everyone have their own way of learning. Listed Below is a collection of all the available online resources. Pick a handful of resources which suit best to your personality. Stick with them and use them regularly. You will be fluent in no time!

German Vocabulary

Struggling with memorizing German words? Flashcards and vocabulary games and quizzes will make it more fun. Try these websites.

  1. Memrise: Free vocabulary and language learning tool. You can create memes for words to help you remembering. It also has an achievement system to increase motivation. Besides most courses, feature pronunciations are also free to use.

  2. Nthuleen: German vocabulary worksheets categorized by topics

  3. Babadum: A real fun and cool vocabulary game-quiz

  4. Learnwitholiver: Learn german vocabulary with flashcards

  5. Cram: Learn german vocabulary with flashcards

  6. Languageguide: German words arranged by different topics

  7. Ielanguages:German words arranged by different topics

  8. Syvum: German to English vocabulary quizzes

  9. Lingolia: German words arranged by different topics and many exercises

  10. Quizlet : Flashcards creation and learning

  11. Cerego: A variety of courses and learning with flashcards

  12. Ankiweb: Create your own flashcards and learn using spaced repetition system

German Dictionaries

If you ever need to look up a German word? you will find these dictionaries helpful with word meanings, pronunciation, and grammar.

  1. Free, English-German online dictionary. You can also download offline version here.

  2. DUDEN: A German-German dictionary. Contains links to audio snippets of the “Aussprachedatenbank der ARD” for correct pronunciations.

  3. Bildwörterbuch: Learn dictionary words with images.

  4. Canoo 

    : Free German-German dictionary. A good resource for learning grammar which includes conjugation tables as well.
  5. DWDS: Free German-German dictionary. A number of usage examples.

  6. Hurraki 

    : A dictionary for plain language.
  7. Wörterbuchnetz: A network of cross-referenced German dictionaries.

  8. Wiktionary: A collaborative project to produce a free-content multilingual dictionary.

  9. Pons: A free online dictionary by a major publisher of dictionaries, includes verb patterns.

  10. LEO dictionary: An excellent online, free multilingual dictionary. includes a great discussion forum and links to audio files for pronunciation.

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German Grammar

Learning the correct grammar rules are the most important part of learning a new language. It is still more important when it comes to the German language. These are the best places to systematically learn the German grammar.

  1. Deutschegrammatik20: Grammar exercises

  2. Schubert Grammar: A ton of grammar and vocabulary exercises

  3. Levrai: A ton of grammar exercises

  4. Lingolia: Grammar explanations and exercises

  5. German-grammar: Grammar explanations and exercises

  6. Mein-deutschbuch: Grammar explanations and exercises

  7. Nthuleen Grammar: Grammar worksheets

  8. Grammatiktraining: Grammar exercises

German Listening

Listening to german podcasts or watching german TV shows in your downtime is the best way to keep up with learning german language. Here’s the collection of best audio/video resources.
  1. Slowgerman: Audio recordings with a text to follow

  2. Mypass: TV shows in German

  3. Kinotx: Hundreds of films and tv series in german

  4. Tivi: Cartoons and shows for children in german

  5. Germanpod101: A youtube channel with listening tasks

  6. Deutschaussprache -Listen to correct pronunciation

  7. Zdf: News in german

  8. Deutsch lernen mit Nachrichten: A live news read in slow speed and having the text to follow

  9. Deutsche Welle: Lots of videos for different levels

  10. Cartoon with subtitles: German Stories in HD for children to read along

  11. Vorleser: mp3 downloads, short stories in German

  12. Ticket nach Berlin: Free online video series from the Goethe-Institut and Deutsche Welle

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German Reading

As with the listening, you can improve your reading skills in German significantly, if you spend time on below websites.
  1. Wievmanga: German comic books

  2. Zeit: News in German

  3. Free literature readings in German

  4. Wikibooks

German Newspapers

  1. Zeit: A weekly newspaper best quality news which covers all the topics. However, this may not be suitable for beginners since it is known for its sophisticated language.

  2. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ): A daily newspaper well known throughout Germany.

  3. Der Spiegel: A well-known weekly newspaper.

  4. Heise Online: This is the publisher of many well-known monthly journals on computing with the best quality journalism.

  5. Handelsblatt: A daily newspaper about business and economy.

  6. Nachrichtenwerk: German news in simple language.

  7. Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ): A famous daily newspapers in Germany.

  8. Bild: Easy to understand but uses an intense language at times. This is a popular yellow press daily newspaper.

  9. Nachrichtenleicht: German news in simple language.

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German Blogs

Few of the informative blogs you can spend time on.

German History

Interested in learning about German history? Check out these websites. You can read it both in English as well as German.

Test your German knowledge

Online Language Exchange

Learn the language with real life tutors. You can have video conversations and get live feedback and improve your speaking skills.

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Active Facebook communities for learning German

Join these facebook communities and groups to get up to date information and connect with new people. Take advantage of the best resources are shared for learning German on these communities.

Additional Tips

  1. It is a lot easier if you are already a fluent English speaker. Since both English and German are West Germanic Languages, they have a lot in common.

  2. One of the most effective and fun ways to learn is to watch a German TV series with subtitles. You will not only learn about German language but their lifestyle too.

  3. People are by far the best resource, engage conversations in German whenever possible. Perhaps join WhatsApp, facebook groups (or create one) and connect to people who are also learning German. This will make your task much easier.

  4. Just like any other language, learning German takes a lot of discipline and perseverance. But once you master the language, the benefits far outweigh the efforts you put into learning.

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