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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Best Cares TK Health Insurance

Health insurance is a part of the German social insurance system. So, in Germany as per law every resident need to have a valid Health Insurance. As for international students aspiring to pursue their education, it is mandatory to show the proof of a valid German Health Insurance at the time of enrolment to be able to acquire and maintain a visa.

Full time students who are younger than 30 years or have completed less than 14 semesters in their home country must register for a Public Health Insurance.

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is a leading public health insurance company in Germany and a trusted partner that students both European and international prefer buying insurance from.

TK is a modern health service provider where strong benefits, expert advice and convenient service are closely linked.
TK has been consistently ranked a winner in the Focus-Money health insurer test for the twelfth time in a row. In nine out of twelve categories, TK received the highest rating as “excellent” in a comparison that examined the insurer’s entire portfolio from cover and quality of service to the choice of rates and supplementary insurance.

You can learn more about Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) here.

It is a statutory requirement and is compulsory to be able to maintain a valid health insurance when you arrived and are living in Germany. The university will not grant you an admission
without this compulsory health insurance, which in turn will impact your long stay visa for pursuing your education.

Yes, you can cancel the insurance at any given time. However, as it is compulsory to be able to extend your visa and maintain the same, it is recommended you don’t cancel this mandatory and valid health insurance.

Also, in case of any unforeseen medical emergencies, we recommend you maintain the insurance to be able to cover all costs that you may incur.

No, you can apply for the health insurance without the blocked account confirmation.

1. Once you fill out this form, you will receive an email confirmation of your registration from BestCares along with your documents you uploaded.

2. Within 24 working hours BestCares will send you another email stating that you are insured with TK. During your visa application you can submit this as proof that you are already registered with a public health insurance in Germany.

The rates for the TK health insurance policy are 72,17 € per month plus 18,17 € for nursing care insurance, totaling up to 90,34 € per month. TK will charge the monthly amount from your German bank account after you start your study, which is when your semester begins.

The easiest way for you is to pay by direct debit, which you can cancel any time. This allows you to pay monthly. It’s also possible to pay your contributions for one semester in advance.

This compulsory insurance (required to obtain and maintain your visa) normally ends when you complete your studies, at the end of your 14th academic semester, or in the semester in which you turn 30.

Note: TK does not charge you now when you register using the above registration form. You will be charged only after 45 days of your semester begin.

BestCares along and MS in Germany team will provide your support until your health insurance commences with TK.

Once your health insurance commences with TK and received your TK health insurance card, you can contact TK helpline for any assistance or in case of issues.

Yes, it will still be valid. As a student, you must present your insurance certificate when you register at the beginning of your course, or if you change your health insurer or college. You can obtain this certificate from any TK branch office.

The below is the coverage in your TK health insurance as upon this online registration:

  • Free choice of specialist physicians and dentists – provided they are accredited statutory health insurance doctors
  • Treatment in licensed hospitals
  • Payment of recognized alternative medicine
  • Medical check-ups
  • Health insurance cover when travelling to other EU Member States
  • TK-TravelMediCall – for instance for information on vaccination.

2. Free Travel Insurance

The travel insurance is from Bajaj ALLIANZ travel insurance. This is accepted by all German consulates in India.

The travel insurance is valid all over Europe including Germany.

The travel insurance we provide is not just for free but has the best coverage offering study interruption cover in case of emergencies, sponsor protection in case of fatality or death of the sponsor, and two-way compassionate visit in case if you must visit home for emergencies.

Please see below for a list of all the benefits in the policy:
• Medical expenses, repatriation and evacuation
• Dental care expenses
• Personal Accident
• AD & D common carrier
• Loss of passport
• Loss of checked baggage
• Study interruption
• Two-way compassionate visits
• Personal Liability
• Bail bond insurance
• Sponsor protection

Note: Deductible will be $100 INCASE OF ANY CLAIM.

Yes, the free travel insurance from Bajaj ALLIANZ travel insurance is accepted by the all German consulates in India.
Here’s a list of approved Travel Insurances.

The travel insurance is a mandatory requirement from the German consulate in India, to grant you a national visa to travel to Germany. The German consulate asks for a valid travel insurance for 3 months.

The health insurance is compulsory for university admissions and to be able to extend your visa after arriving into Germany and to maintain the same.