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Common Challenges faced by Indian students while studying in Germany

Common Challenges faced by Indian students while studying in Germany

Studying abroad is a unique experience that can teach you plenty of things. You will learn to communicate with people from different countries or learn to be independent. Before that, you come across many challenges that would become a part of your life.

1. Homesickness

Homesickness is one of the biggest problems that most of the Indian students suffer from while studying in Germany. You may miss your family or friends at some point in time but do not be overwhelmed by it. You should understand the purpose of what you came for. Whenever you miss your family just Skype them, in this way, you will feel better. Later on, you will get used to the new environment and people. 

2. Language barrier

The language barrier is the greatest challenge for Indian students. If they do not know basic German language, they face problem in communicating with locals or shopkeepers on a day to day life. Also, the lack of German language stops them from interacting with people out there. In order to deal with Germans while traveling, knowing German is essential for Indian students. You can easily build a connection and understand them if you can speak German. 

3. Cultural differences

While studying in Germany, you need to know the first thing that is adapting to a new culture. Staying in a different country, you will find cultural differences the very first day of your landing. Despite the fact that adapting to a new culture does take time, give yourself time to know the German culture. One of the many clichés about Germans that they will not be much friendly with strangers, where in India it is the other way around. So make sure that your attitude or behavior would not trouble people out there.  

4. Accommodation problems

Getting affordable housing is another challenge which Indian students face in Germany. Moreover, it is challenging to find an affordable apartment when you are new to Germany. So try to contact other Indian students or friends through social media who are already studying in Germany. You can also contact your university for the accommodation facilities, and they will often help you out with this.

5. Expenses

Pursuing higher studies in Germany will become costlier in case if you have not received any scholarship. You may face a problem in managing tuition fee and other living expenses. Cost of living in Germany includes accommodation costs, living expenses, books, cost of traveling, etc.

Indian students will have to learn to manage finances properly. During your course of studying in Germany, you can opt for taking up some part-time jobs to manage all the expenses. 

6. Food

Indian students are used to eating food, which contains multiple ingredients and spices. For Indian students, it becomes difficult to manage everything on their own. It could be hard for them to have the time to buy and cook food.  However, once they get accustomed to the new city, they can manage cooking food on their own. Sometimes students forget to eat their breakfast due to running short of time, so make sure that you eat three times meal in a day.

7. Currency differences

Different currency is another common challenge faced by Indian students. 

Getting used to currency differences is also a challenging process, which can be understood gradually. You have to do the quick conversion system for yourself, so you can mentally figure out prices when buying things. 

8. Coping up with academics

In order to study in Germany, where you may find a wide variety of landscapes, sheer mountains, and the forest hills. You might become tempted to travel around or explore the place. You need to remember that you are there to study before making any plan regarding traveling. In case your grades drop, you might miss your scholarship or even be kicked out of the university. It would be better if you focus on your studies instead of planning trips. 

9. Independent lifestyle

For an Indian student, it may be hard to manage household chores such as cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. initially, unless they become accustomed to an independent lifestyle in Germany.  Unlike India, it is expensive and difficult to hire people to get these jobs done. Hence Indian students may face difficulties in managing household work with studies. 

But, with time, the students will be able to adopt such a lifestyle and learn to take care of his/her responsibilities like paying bills and traveling alone.  Life could be difficult in the beginning, but later on, everything becomes a part of your life. 

10. Health issues

Health issues would be the major problem for Indian students while studying in Germany, as it becomes difficult for them to take care of their health. Initially, they can suffer from food poisoning or diarrhea, which can worsen their health if not cured immediately. So, make sure that you take an appointment with the doctor and follow the precautions given by him. Medical treatments in Germany are quite expensive, but the health insurance card will take care of medical expenses. 

11. Traveling

Germany is generally pretty safe when it comes to traveling alone. However, there have been some major areas popular for pickpocketing on streets or around train stations.  Big cities like Berlin is one of the places which is the popular spot for pickpocketers, so it’s necessary for you to be extra-alert and wise is such places. 

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