Comparison between Different Methods for Blocked Account

There are mainly four methods used for opening blocked account in Germany. In this article, we make the comparison to find out which is the most convenient method based on your needs.

Blocked Accounts


This is the most convinient and fastest method to open your blocked account. If you want your blocked account right now within 1-2 days and deal with the rest when you arrive in Germany. Fintiba acts as an intermediary between you as the customer and Sutor Bank.


Similar to other providers, this is also accepted & approved by German Federal Foreign Office for obtaining a German visa. In comparison with exisiting service providers X-patrio offers the cheapest Blocked Account opening process.

Deutsche bank

This is traditionally used option. However, due to large delay in application processing and a complex procedure, this method is least popular and not preferred by students in recent days. Moreover, you will be asked to open a local account and maintain 1L balance which is redundant.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

The Kotak Mahindra Bank has an arrangement with German Consulate to open savings accounts for the people applying for the German Student Visa. Although this is a convenient option for Indian students, it involves a delay in the process especially once you reach Germany.


wdt_ID Criterion Deutsche Bank Kotak Mahindra Fintiba X-Patrio
1 Method Online + Hardcopies Online + Hardcopies Online Registration Online Registration
2 Process Complicated Moderate Easy Easy
3 Time Required to open account 3 -5 weeks 2 - 3 weeks 3 - 5 days The time required to open a blocked account is 24h only. The time to receive the blocking confirmation is usually 3-5 business days.
4 One time Charges €149 - €89 €49
5 Monthly Charges - - € 4.90 €5
6 Minimum Balance to maintain INR 1,00,000 - - -
7 Interest Gain No 6 % No No
8 Monthly Withdrawal €720 €720 €720 €720
9 Document Required 1. passport2. The account opening form (filled out, but not signed)3. Admission letter4. Bank Statement5. A DB India account (optional, recommended) 1. Saving account form and KYC documents 2. A copy of the Passport and letter issued by a German University3. Email Indemnity in Bank’s format. You only need your passport for the blocked account opening. Furthermore the passport doesn’t need to be certified by the embassy. You only need your passport for the blocked account opening. Furthermore the passport doesn’t need to be certified by the embassy.
10 How to Get Money from Blocked Account? 1. once you arrive in Germany (not necessary for your Visa). You just need to visit a branch of Deutsche Bank (carry your passport) and fill in a service order.2. You will receive a Deutsche Bank Junges Konto Card and PIN, which you can use to withdraw Once you arrive in Germany, you need to open an account in Local Bank (DB, Commerzbank, Sparkasse etc.) and then once you get IBAN and SWIFT code, you need to send email to Kotak Contact person and then you will get your money in account. Once you arrive in Germany, you need to complete the legitimation process and open a current account. Money will then be transferred to Blocked account to your current bank account every month. The money from the blocked account must be transferred into the personal German bank account such as N26. It's paperless, fast and efficient. You can get your account up and running with a digital ID online within the hour once you arrive in German

Our Recommendation

Based on several students feedback received on our portal and social networks, we recommend to go with Fintiba blocked account. It is fast and highly convenient since the entire process is online.

3 thoughts on “Comparison between Different Methods for Blocked Account”

  1. Deutsche Bank is the most unethical and awful bank I have ever used. Their customer service is beyond terrible and should not even be called service. The people are rude and never want to help. Not only do they charge 150 euros to open a blocked account for students, whose income is already tight, but they also, as of October 31st 2018, will charge 6 euros each month. They introduced this fee without warning and the only reason I found out was because I was looking through the FAQS. They do not care about their customers, especially students, and are only wanting your money. Do not ever open an account with them. I would use another bank if I could but they are the only bank in my town that offers blocked accounts.


    Die Deutsche Bank erhebt seit dem 31.10. eine Kontogebühr von monatlich 5,90€, welche zusätzlich zu den 150€ für das blocked account erhoben wird!!!!!!! Diese wurde vorher nicht offen dargelegt, auch wenn das Konto erst vor zwei Wochen eingerichtet wurde, als die Gebühr noch nicht erhoben wurde, hat man kein Recht auf Erstattung oder Befreiung.

    Die Begründung lautet, dass es angeblich teurer sei, für ausländische Studenten ein Konto zu führen. Eine seriöse Bank sollte mit offenen Karten spielen und den Kunden vorher transparent mögliche Kosten darlegen. Es wurde eine Aussage getroffen, dass man ja jederzeit das Konto bei der Deutschen Bank wieder kündigen könnte, aber die 150€ Eröffnungsgebühr muss dennoch gezahlt werden.

    Zur Info: DEUTSCHE Studenten zahlen NICHTS!!!!

    Der Kundenservice ist miserable und unfreundlich!!! Leute eröffnet lieber ein Konto bei einer anderen Bank! Die DEUTSCHE Bank macht was sie will, ist absolut unethisch und versucht derzeit einfach nur finanzielle Engpässe auf Kosten ihrer Kunden zu stopfen.

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