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Document Apostille

Apostille is a stamp issued by the ministry of external affairs and it is issued only on original documents. This signifies that document is authentic and legitimate to apply for authorities aboard.

What is Apostille?

An Apostille is simply a special ‘sticker’ issued by the Ministry of External Affairs. This sticker, attached to the back of the original document signifies that it is legitimate and authentic. An apostille is acceptable in 113 member-countries of the Hague Apostille Convention.

Who needs to get the Document Apostille?

There are 100 member states which accept the Apostille Certificate. Even countries that are not signed up to the Hague Convention will still ask for an Apostille Certificate but the only difference is that further legalization is often required by their embassies. The Non-Member states who request further legalization of the documents are the UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait.

4 types of documents are eligible to gain an Apostille Certificate:

  • You will need your University Certificates and Transcripts to be apostilled if you are willing to work in these foreign countries.

  • Company documents such as Certificates of Incorporation and Articles of Association. These documents are required to be apostilled and legalized if the companies are looking to set up new branches in foreign countries.

  • The Apostille can be issued on copies as well as original documents.

  • Documents such as Birth, Marriage, and Death certificates have official signatures on them. Then the Apostille should be issued on original documents. The Apostilled copies of such documents are not accepted because the signatures on them are not classed as an original.

  • Documents such as Academic Certificates, Transcripts, and Employment Letters can all get the Apostille on copied documents. Make sure that these documents must be officially certified by a solicitor or a notary public.

Is Apostille needed for Germany? If yes, then in which case it is needed?

Yes, it is a mandatory requirement to apostille your documents when you are moving to Germany or any other country whether it is educational certificates, marriage certificate, birth certificate or work permit. Germany is a country which is taking part in the Hague Convention. If you are an EU national getting your documents an Apostille may not be necessary.

What is the procedure for Apostille?

Collect all the documents you want to apostille. Note that only documents issued from registered universities or institutions are apostilled, private unregistered and personal documents such as transcript are not apostilled.

In order to apostille the education documents first, they need to be attested by the educational body such as the State Education Department is required or regional commissioner office.


  • Submit the original document at the regional commissioner office carry originals and one photocopy.

  • Always carry your passport and photocopy of the passport front and back for identity, while submitting the documents.

  • Constantly check online for the status of your application in education board website.

  • Collect personally or you can send someone on behalf of you but you need to sign a bond paper stating that the other person is authorized to collect document on behalf of you.
Once you have attested your documents you can apostille the documents in the ministry of external affairs or in any of the private apostille firms.

Where and how can one apply for the Apostille?

Only Ministry of External Affairs India has right to attest or apostille your document which is issued in India or issued by Indian State. Since there are thousands or lakhs of documents Apostilled Everyday it becomes hard for the government to handle such kind of work.

On 1st March 2012 MEA announce to outsource the process of collecting submitting and distributing the legal document to private enterprises, Still Apostille the document right remain with MEA. We SEPL are one of those private enterprises revered the right to do the process of collecting and distributing.

Since we don’t have any middleman between Us and the MEA the prices remain at its lowest level. At SEPL we handle thousands of document every day. In order to ensure the safety of your document we barcode each and every document we receive. You can track the progress of these documents, We keep you informed regarding your documents.

These are the process we do when we receive your document.

  • Review Document for correct information and check whether all the supporting documents are attached to it such as a passport. If anything is missing we contact you ASAP.

  • We barcode each and every document we receive for easy tracking ensuring smooth overall process.

  • We send these document MEA Delhi on our own courier service.

  • Within 1 week your documents are ready to be shipped back.

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