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Document Notarization

Document Notarization is going to be the only 'valid' identity proof when you are taking admission in German Universities. So this is a mandatory step. Here is a detailed procedure for getting the document notarization. After completion of document notarization go ahead with the next step in the application process.

What Is Notarization?

A Notary Public’s seal on a document indicates that it has been notarized, Certain documents must be notarized. When purchasing a home, transferring a car, providing power of attorney, authorizing consent for a minor to travel abroad, or executing other important transactions, it’s essential that everyone can trust the documents and your signature.

Why is it required ?

Difference Between a Notarization and Attestation

How Do I Get a Document Notarized?

German Embassy

Certifying the correctness of Indian documents

Certifying a signature/manual sign

Certifying a copy

Translating documents/certifying the correctness and completeness of a translation

Notarization of Documents

What does official notarization look like?

Who has authorization to issue official notarization?

In no case will we accept notarizations from private individuals, lawyers, a priest's office, banks or the AStA (student union executive committee)!

Here only accept notarized copies that contain all of the following stipulations

How to notarize multi-page documents

If the copy consists of more than one page, evidence is required that all pages belong to the same document. The following forms of notarization are possible:


If there are relevant copies on both the front and back of the sheet, the following forms of notarization are possible:


How to notarize non-German documents

Official notarization of non-German documents:

Please ensure that your notarized copy complies with the stipulations as described on this page.

Translation of documents that are not in English or German:

Are there special rules for certain countries?


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