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Education Loan

For many students, financing their studies is a huge factor in deciding to study abroad. Luckily most of the German universities do not burden you with the massive tuition fee (as the case with US universities). In fact, for most courses, there is no tuition fee at all. But you still need to manage your living and traveling costs. In any case, if you decide to apply for an education loan, this page will guide you through. Nowadays there are a lot of banks offering education loans with new schemes. Do your research and find out which one works best for you. The information on this page refers to HDFC Credila student loan. We recommend HDFC Credila because it's relatively better and a safe option. Education loan is always an extra burden that is going to sit on your shoulder after the completion of your studies. Think thoroughly before you decide to apply for it.

About Credila

What is HDFC Credila?

  1. HDFC Credila Financial Services, a Non banking Finance Company, is an HDFC Ltd subsidiary company which provides specialized lender for student loans and offers education loans for Studies Overseas and Studies in India.

  2. HDFC Credila is not a broker or not an intermediary. It offers provision of Pre-payment/Foreclosure during the Loan tenure.

  3. HDFC Credila has already funded students for esteemed top Universties like Columbia Univ., Purdue Univ., Cornell Univ.,Carnegie Mellon Univ., Oxford Univ., Pune Univ., Bangalore Management Academy, CREMA, ISB, IIM, Great lakes, SP Jain and numerous others

How is HDFC Credila different from other Education loan providers?

  1. HDFC Credila offers branchless service. It can provide loan in many towns and cities. All you need to do is apply online at HDFC Credila.

  2. HDFC Credila is India's first and only education loan specialist which main objective is to work closely with students and parents to try to identify the appropriate education loan programs for them.

  3. HDFC Credila customizes the products depending on the school and the student's grades. This ensures that all students have a good shot of getting a loan, and that too at an attractive rate of interest.


  1. It doesn't cost you anything to apply online to Credila. It just takes 5 minutes of your time!

  2. Up to 100% finance

  3. Loan Sanction before admissions also

  4. Loan amount over Rs.20 lakhs also available

  5. Less than 100% collateral

  6. Loan against property mortgaged with HDFC Ltd.

  7. Tax benefit under Section 80-E of Income tax Act

  8. Repayment tenure up to 10 years (Easy EMIs)

Education Loan Process

Step 1: Convenient application process

  1. Apply online  at For HDFC Credila

  2. Call/ SMS/ email to avail door step service

  3. Visit the nearest branch office

Step 2: Minimal documentation

  1. Submit one page application form & documents to HDFC Credila

  2. Avail door-step service for document collection, or

  3. Submit the documents at your nearest HDFC Credila/ HDFC Ltd. branch office.

Step 3: Faster loan approvals & disbursement

  1. Quick loan approval post completion of all formalities

  2. Collect your loan from the HDFC Credila office

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