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Required documents for Indian students to study in Germany

Required documents for Indian students to study in Germany

According to official data, at present Indian students in Germany are the third largest groups of international students. For Indian students, in order to study in Germany, the very first thing is to find out which course you need to pursue.  So, it is easy for you to find the complete requirement for course and university, and you get to know all the eligible criteria.

Germany is a land of famous scientists and, and it provides innovative research opportunities to students and professionals from across the world. Those eminent personalities had played a central role in history and inspired people to work towards innovation. 

Over the years, many international students come to build their career in Germany more than it has ever witnessed, where the number of Indian applicants is more. Most of the universities in Germany have free or very low-fee tuition programs available for international students that attract them the most. They gain incredible life experience and opportunities in Germany. Whether it is Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, or Business, Germany offers an excellent education for all.

For Indian students, Germany has become the first choice because it comes with a lot of benefits such as diverse culture, best laboratories, and research based courses. These characteristics have motivated them to choose Germany, where they can improve their academic and research skills.   

However, many Indian students still feel deprived of correct information about study in Germany, so here is the stepwise guidance of all the requirements asked by German Universities. 

What are the Entry Requirements?

So, once you chose your preferred course and University, then you need to check the admission requirements. For that, go through the University’s website and read their entry requirements section thoroughly. If there’s something, you understand about the process never hesitate to communicate the University by email and ask them your queries. 

The entry requirement varies for Indian students, it depends on the preferred course and University, but here we have listed out some mandatory and essential required documents- 

1. Language Proficiency certificate

It is apparent that knowing a common language is a must to survive in any foreign country. Therefore students should know elementary German language, for that you need to submit the scores of a standardized language proficiency test. For German language, students need to have A1 certificate, however some universities ask for B1 certificate as well, so it depends on which university you are applying for. 

Also, as German universities provide English taught courses too, hence you need to submit an English proficiency certificate through IELTS/TOEFL test.  The minimum required marks need to acquire by an aspirant for English proficiency. 

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2. GRE (if asked by the universities)

This is an additional standardized test intended to evaluate your quantitative, analytical, and verbal ability. So, if a student opts to study in Germany, then he/she needs to earn a minimum score in quantitative and in analytical reasoning asked by the university. As far as for verbal ability, German universities do not pay much attention.  This test plays a vital purpose in the application process, especially at highly reputed universities, where the pressure of the application is massive, so the selection process becomes easy. 

3. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

It is also called a motivational letter and is a composition of your life achievements and career goals. It mainly helps the admission representatives to know what is your motive to study at a preferred institute and course and how do you think that will help you improve towards your goals.

4. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

As it names itself suggest recommendation from your Guidance Counselor or Head of Department. They write a Mandatory letter of recommendation on you and that letter accompanies your official transcript and describes you over several year periods as both a student and as a whole Person.

5. Curriculum Vitae in European format

A well designed and structured CV is one of the steps to get admission to your favorite University. So it’s essential to have the best-written resume that speaks for you. The key to good CV is to offer a competent, professional description of your experience, academics, and skills.  The University requires you to specify your skills necessary for the study field you’re applying for.

6. Transcript

It is a mark sheet, usually called in India, but now at the university level, it’s named as a Transcript. Often, Transcript is a consolidated mark sheet which concludes all your semester’s marks in one sheet and attested by your University’s chairperson. Transcript plays an essential role as it does not only show your overall grades but your highly earned grades in particular subjects that are related to your future study course.

Therefore, a university in Germany requires looking at your accomplishment to evaluate your educational proficiency and assess if you’re the best candidate. 

7. Academic records

Every University is interested to know your educational background to assess if you stand at the required level to attend their course. And Germany is not an exclusion to this rule. So, your former educational qualification is the first record necessary to apply for a degree program in Germany.

8. Identity Proof

A student needs to have a valid passport with the legality of least six months after the date of departure and four recent passport-size photos with each family member applying for a visa.

9. Financial proof

It is needed because it confirms that the students have enough amount of bank balance to survive in Germany. He/ she can transfer 8900 initially by creating a blocked account.  For the proof of financial means, an aspirant can give

  • Formal support letter from the sponsor 
  • Approved loan and documents of the bank
  • Bank record
  • Financial guarantee from parents or other families with relevant proof

So if you meet those requirements asked by the universities you can get admission into your desired universities. The advantage is that you will receive a world-class education when you study in Germany. No matter what country you come from, most universities offer their education completely free of charge. 

10. Course Catalogue

The course catalog includes information about a university or college’s classes. It also contains course description and subjects offered during a particular semester, and it consists of the course meeting times and the lecturer or professor teaching each section.

Therefore the course description includes-  

  • Name of the institute or department offering the program
  • Semesters or quarters provided by the university 
  • Course title and number
  • Number of credits
  • Restrictions or   requirements
  • Summary of subjects covered in the class
  • Additional costs or fees, if applicable
  • Registration information

11. Work Experience

It is worth mentioning your work experience that shows you have well suited knowledge and skill regarding your desired field. It will also give special recognition to your overall profile and intention of pursuing higher studies. Addition to that you can specify your acquired skill during work and your purpose of contributing your expertise in upcoming technology.

12. The medium of instruction Certificate (if any German university accepts)

This is more of English language proficiency certificate which is issued by your university as proof that your bachelor’s studies entirely taught in English. Therefore you can provide this certificate instead of IELTS or TOEFL.


Therefore it is a fantastic opportunity for Indian students to stay and work in Germany after graduation.  You will get a chance to learn German culture as well as the German language. Living in Germany on your own is great, but expensive.  It also depends on the city in which you live. Students are eligible for various price concessions. With a student ID, he/she can receive concessions on tickets and entrance fees to theaters, opera houses, cinemas, museums, public swimming pools, and other cultural venues.

With so many benefits a student studying in Germany is much satisfied that the student studying in any other country. German degrees are recognized all around the globe. An Indian student holding a German degree is given much weightage by the organization also. So concluding this, Indian students, who are planning to study overseas for higher education, must choose Germany first than any other country.

Germany gives higher education in both English and German language. So the student has an excellent chance to become proficient in both the languages. Also, being proficient in the German language opens many opportunities as per career prospects. A student talking in German has a simpler way to communicate with the native people of Germany. This not only builds a friendly relation with people but also increase the confidence of a student to pursue an education in a nation miles away from the motherland.


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