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Expatrio Services Complete Review

Expatrio Services complete review

Every student, working professional or a family that have thought of moving out of India for higher studies, Job opportunities or settling down, have always been in a dilemma when it comes to the right accommodation, finding the right insurance policies, applying for a Visa, which universities to apply to and a lot more. Expatrio is one such platform that is trying to make the life of any person who wants to relocate in Germany easy and simple.

Expatrio has built a customized solution allowing you to minimize bureaucratic processes involved with moving to Germany. Expatrio’s service enables you to open blocked and current bank accounts and also secure the required insurances with trustworthy partners, such as Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), DR-WALTER, Monese, and others. Their solution is accepted and approved by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Services Provided by Expatrio:

The main product that Expatrio offers is called the Value Package. As a University student, you can get your all-round carefree package for your visa application and a seamless start in Germany.
The value package includes:

  • Blocked Account accepted & approved by the Federal Foreign Office.
  • Free Incoming Travel Insurance (officially accepted worldwide).
  • Germany’s best Public Health Insurance with English-speaking service and bonus program.
  • Free Current Account with globally usable Mastercard, supporting Google and Apple Pay.
  • Free DeGiS membership to enjoy Germany’s largest community for international students.
  • Free Insurance package covering private liability + loss, damage, theft of valuable items + repatriation
  • Free ISIC Card giving you access to 150,000 benefits in 130+ countries.

The products that are especially needed in this package are:

Blocked Account and Incoming Health Insurance as required by German embassies and missions abroad to obtain your visa for Germany. For your arrival in Germany, they will help you setup a Current Bank Account, so you can receive your monthly disbursements from your Blocked Account, and a Public Health Insurance, which you need to get enrolled at your University. As an add on to your health insurance, they have also added a Repatriation Insurance, meaning you’re covered even in the worst-case scenario.
To complement the Value Package, a lifelong free DeGiS membership is also included. DeGiS stands for Deutsche Gesellschaft internationaler Studierender and is Germany’s largest student community, offering events, scholarships and much more.

In your DeGiS membership, an insurance bundle is also added to make you feel secure in unpredictable events, such as breaking or damaging something (liability insurance), or while travelling, in case you lose your beloved belongings (travel item insurance). The last service included in this package is, you will get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) for a worldwide-accepted proof of your student status which also offers you a variety of discounts and benefits.
Value Package you pay only the Blocked Account monthly fee (€5) and set up fee (€49) (the set up fee can be waived with a voucher code, if available), as well as Techniker Krankenkasse Health Insurance fees, which are around €100 per month and depend on your profile (age, number of children, etc.). The rest of the services comes for free unless you want to extend them for the period that is not covered within the Value Package.

For purchasing theValue Package you pay only the Blocked Account monthly fee (€5) and set up fee (€49) (the set up fee can be waived with a voucher code, if available), as well as Techniker Krankenkasse Health Insurance fees, which are around €100 per month and depend on your profile (age, number of children, etc.). The rest of the services come for free unless you want to extend them for the period that is not covered within the Value Package.
The German Blocked Account (Sperrkonto) is a special type of bank account required by German law for many people when moving from outside of the EU for studies, language courses, preparatory courses (Studienkolleg), job search and more. It is a visa requirement that allows you to prove sufficient financial resources for your stay in Germany.

The services included in the German Blocked Account by Expatrio that is Accepted & approved by Federal Foreign Office are:

  • Cheap: set-up €49 & €5 (per month)
  • Fast: official Opening Confirmation within 24h
  • Fair: money-back guarantee in case of visa refusal
  • Flexible: monthly cancellation or extension possible

Deutsche Bank (DB),The most established, well-known option preferred for Blocked accounts mainly because this is a national, trusted bank which allows you to combine the blocked account with a personal one. This means you won’t need two bank accounts while living in Germany and can use any of the ATMs of DB’s partners. Some reviewers have complained about the long wait time and additional forms required versus other options. But there are several major positives – they’re one of the only providers that allow minors to open an account, they let you transfer as much extra money as you like, and you won’t need an additional personal bank account. Once you have a your DB blocked account for Germany studies then there shouldn’t be any troubles with the visa application.This is currently the cheapest option on the market at only €49 for the setup and €5 per month. This option also includes health insurance, liability insurance, and a current bank account for just the €5 per month (€60 for one year) plus the cost of a public health insurance.

On the other hand Expatrio is known for it’s efficiency and on time services. They’re also known to be quite fast and easy to reach. You can talk to customer service over social media, Telegram, and WhatsApp, in addition to over email or the phone. On the downside, you’re working with a 3rd party company, so while they’re insured up to the standard €100.000, you’re not working directly with a bank. You can’t transfer additional funds through the blocked account, just the required amount. However there have been some worrying reviews claiming the transferred money wasn’t returned after account cancellation.

The Expatrio Blocked Account fully complies with the applicable immigration law. The German Federal Foreign Office thoroughly assessed the Expatrio Blocked Account and approved it as a proof of financial means during the visa application process. The Expatrio Blocked Account is therefore approved by the highest instances and complies with all laws, provisions, treaties and requirements of the German authorities in visa applications and residence permits.

Health Insurance coverage in Germany is mandatory for everyone be it a student, language student, intern or employee. Also if you are coming from a non-European country, health insurance coverage is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa. With Expatrio you can get fully accepted and approved German Public Health Insurance and receive several additional insurance bonuses absolutely for free.

Expatrio is working with the best providers. In our Health Insurance Plus package we are working with Techniker Krankenkasse (Public Health Insurance) and with DR-WALTER (Incoming Health Insurance) – both are, of course, accepted & approved by the German Federal Foreign Office for your visa process and university enrolment.

Health Insurance Plus package includes:

  • Free Current Account
  • Free DeGis membership
  • Free DeGiS Insurance bundle
  • Free Repatriation Insurance
  • Free International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

Their health insurance services are rated 4.7 stars on Google, 4.9 stars on Facebook and 4.7 stars on TrustPilot.

Maximum of the reviews on all the platforms from Google, Facebook, to TrustPilot are positive ones, although a few negative reviews are also posted. The main concern being that you are no way in contact with the bank and you are transferring money in the account of a 3rd party ,which is not safe. Hence transaction issues, money being not returned and security related concerns are the main disadvantage of Expatrio. Having said that, it cannot be denied that Expatrio is one the best options to for when relocating in Germany.

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