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Finding Internships in Germany

Finding Internships in Germany

Students from all across the world come to study in Germany and gain expertise in their respective fields. They are constantly looking for a chance to try their hands at practical work experience, which is very different from their routine classes. This can only be achieved if they take up an internship early into their college life. Given below are various ways by which you can find an internship and improve your practical skills:

Research Internship

Taking up a research Internship in Germany requires an in-depth analysis of colleges, the field of interest, and the Professor under whom you wish to pursue the research. This process can be broken down into many steps :

Apply at your university

If you are thinking of applying for an internship while you are a student, then an excellent place to start, is your university. Speak to your university’s Careers Office about the programmes that you can avail at the university, and see if any of these matches your expectation. The benefits of doing an internship at your university are plenty:

Apply through websites dedicated to Internships

There are numerous websites devoted to internships,  making the process of finding them much easier. They offer skill details and tips on how to get your ideal placements. They also give you a clear view of what the company is all about and where it stands. The work profile helps you to know what they expect from their interns. There are added benefits such as real-time industrial experience and stipend. If you manage to perform exceptionally well during your internship, you might even get placed in the company.

These websites also offer packages to make your overall demeanour better and in the process, make you a better professional. Often these sites also inform you about any events or job fairs that are taking place. They also have a regular newsletter that goes out to job and internship seekers.

Apply through organizations dedicated to Internships

There are organisations dedicated to procuring students internships in Germany. DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) is one such organisation, as it caters to students who are looking for professional experience in Germany.

Another such organisation is the AIESEC, the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. AIESEC has been in this field for over 65 yrs now and is an established name in the arena. It is also one of the largest company in this field with a global presence in 124 countries. Then there are other such organizations like German American Partnership Program (GAAP), Internationales Parlaments-Stipendium des Deutschen Bundestags (IPS) which provide the same services.

Apply directly to the company

If you have an idea in your mind about the company you would like to intern for, you may directly go to that company’s website and apply there itself. For example, companies like Paua Ventures and Uber are offering internships, and you can apply in their respective sites directly. If your profile matches their requirements, you may receive a call for an interview. It is much faster and feeds into your wish of getting an ideal internship.

Take help from individuals

Another old school way is by asking your Professors or people of reputation about getting you an internship. Especially the Professors that you are familiar with and share a strong bond with you, could recommend you for an internship at good institutions they know. Their word carries a lot of weight as they have been in the system for quite some time. Everyone knows someone who knows someone and sometimes that someone is the key to helping you make an all-important connection in life. Local students who you are friends with can also be of some help as they often know the major institutions there and might help you land the internship.

Attend job fairs and internship drives

Job fairs and internship drives are often conducted in most colleges at some point in time. You need to make sure that you are well aware of these fairs and drives in advance so that you can participate in them. One such job fair is the Connecticum Job Fair which is conducted annually in Berlin. The job fairs are not only for job seekers but also for students who wish to get internships. They also help you remain in touch with reality and company expectation. Understanding the requirements will help you to upgrade yourself with the necessary skills.

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