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Fastest and easiest way to open your blocked account in Germany

What is a Blocked Account?

A blocked account is a special form of a bank account. In order to deliver a so-called “proof of financial resources”, which is a necessary part of the visa requirements for many countries, a blocked account is one way to do so. We managed to make the account opening process as easy as it gets. Just open your blocked account right now within minutes and deal with the rest when you arrive in Germany.

3 Simple Steps

Online Registration

Submit your profile details online. Complete the identification as requested. Fintiba support team will verify the documents provided. Once completed, you will receive your account details.

Funds Transfer

You make the transfer of the required blocked+Insurance amount. As soon as the transfer is complete and the account has been covered, your blocking confirmation will be issued automatically

Blocking confirmation

Receive the Blocking Confirmation and Insurance confirmations within 3-5 working days.
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Fintiba Basic

Open your Blocked Account at Sutor Bank in Germany from your home country.

Fintiba Plus

A single package for
Blocked Account + Travel Insurance + Health Insurance

Fintiba Plus Pricing

Fintiba ServiceInitial FeeMonthly Fee
Blocked Account€ 89.00€ 4.90
Incoming (Travel) Health Insurance (92 days)€ 95.00none
Private Health Insurance (if applicable)none€ 33.10
Governmental (Public) Health Insurancenone€ 92.62
Cashback- € 110.00
Total Cost of Fintiba Plus Package€ 74.00starting at € 38.00

Why Do We Recommend Fintiba

  • The Blocked Account process is fully online
  • Initial fee of only € 89.00
  • No hidden top-up fees - guaranteed!
  • Officially approved by the German Federal Foreign Office
  • Accelerates your visa application
  • € 110 Cashback with the Fintiba Plus Package

Frequently Asked Questions

Fintiba is neither a bank, nor do they offer their own financial or banking products. Fintiba is only an intermediary between you as the customer and Sutor Bank. In order to provide you with the best service possible and individually tailored product solutions, they work in partnerships with different companies. For their premium partner, their banking products are Sutor Bank, a private bank based in Hamburg (Germany), specialized in individual banking solutions.

You only need your passport for the blocked account opening. Furthermore the passport doesn’t need to be certified by the embassy.

The total amount that has to be transferred in order to issue the blocking confirmation depends on your individual case and consists of 3 parts:

  1. The blocked amount for the duration of the blocked account (at least €8,640 for German Visa)
  2. The initial opening fee of 89,00 EUR
  3. A buffer deposit of 100,00 EUR

In general, 720.00 EUR for every month of your stay are required as a monthly blocked amount. This is the standard sum as required by the general guidelines. However, please note that only your local embassy, consulate or the local alien authority can provide you with binding information on the required monthly blocked amount in your individual case.
Note: For Indian students, the current sum that needs to be blocked is at least €8,640.

You can open a so called ‘Basiskonto’/ basic account at a bank of your choice even without a registration letter. Please find the respective legal text below

Every individual with a legitimate stay in the EU is allowed to open a basic account. These individuals include persons with no permanent residence , asylum seeker or such with no residence title, who do not have to leave due to judicial or actual reasons. 

Please find more detailed information on that in the following link:

Please firstly re-check your German mobile phone number. If it is still not working, please contact our Support Team and give us detailed information about this issue (you can even send us a screenshot).

You can not set up a direct debit on your blocked account. Please don’t give your blocked account details (IBAN, BIC) to your mobile phone company or other authorities for debiting your bills from the blocked account, as these direct debits will be declined. 
After you have opened a current/ regular account at any other bank in Germany (like Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Sparkasse etc.) you can provide these details of your current account to all the authorities that you have to pay on a monthly basis. 

After your legitimation has been successfully completed, you are able to set up your monthly payouts from your blocked account to your current account in the ‘Online Banking’ section of the Fintiba web application.

When you are in the ‘Online Banking’ section please have your mobile phone ready as the TAN code to set up the payouts will be sent to your mobile phone. Also, have the IBAN of your current account available as this needs to be defined in the setup process.

The additional money that has been transferred to your account can be either withdrawn with the first payout, or you can split the additional amount across your monthly payouts. However, be kindly advised that you will be prompted to take a decision, when you are in the process of setting up your monthly payouts.

Your blocking is confirmed if you receive the following two documents on your online Fintiba Portal:

The Fintiba Plus package includes the governmental health insurance from “DAK-Gesundheit“. The insurance covers the costs for your treatment with a doctor, dentist or in a hospital. Moreover, it bears the costs for medicines which your doctor prescribes to you.

The Fintiba Plus package includes the “MAWISTA Visum” as incoming insurance which covers a duration of travel of 92 days

You will receive the € 110.00 Cashback in case you are eligible for the Fintiba Plus package including the DAK Gesundheit governmental health insurance.

Upon arrival in Germany you will receive your official health insurance confirmation that you will need for your enrolment at your university. As soon as you have provided your university with the DAK health insurance confirmation, they will send the information to the insurer and your Fintiba Plus process is completed. You will then receive the information you need to register for the € 110.00 Cashback from us.

Fintiba are available for you from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 5 pm. On Fridays from 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm. Except for German Holidays that you can find here. We will answer your messages as soon as possible during our opening hours!

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