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Five Best Reasons to study in Paderborn

Five Best Reasons to study in Paderborn

After completing preliminary studies, Most of the students come across with this vague feeling where to go for a bachelor’s education. And they start hunting for that one specific university which can suit his/her profile and preference.  Though there are tons of universities out there in the world and all seem wonderful to opt for. As a result, undergrads start bewildering and lose their precious time and energy. Before taking any step further they need to understand the courses offered by the particular university abroad, and reasons to stay safe and healthy life out there.  

Intrinsically The Paderborn University aims at providing a bachelor’s degree for the high school grads. It offers various courses in the following disciplinary areas :

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Economic Engineering
  • Information Technology 
  • Mathematics
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Sciences 
  • Business Studies 
  • Economics and a lot more!

So, if you are wondering, which university to choose for your bachelor’s studies abroad? Here are five reasons to go for the Paderborn to pursue your bachelor’s degree :

1. Faculties and education

The Paderborn have a total number of fiver faculties for different departments also it offers.  Such as :

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities Departments include English and American studies, Educational Sciences, Protestant Theology, German Studies, and Comparative Literary Studies, History, Social and Human Sciences, Catholic Theology, Arts, Music, Textiles, Media Studies, Romanic Languages.
  • Faculty of Business Administration and Economics Management combines Taxation, Accounting, and Finance, Business Information Systems, Economics, Business, Human Resource Education, Law.
  • Faculty of Science Physics, Chemistry, Sports and Health.
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering program has been evolving as a center for educating high performing engineers with around 60 professors and four research facilities.
  • And Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics.

2. Research Activities

The Paderborn University offers researches in the arena of computer science and engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. also research program in the modern information society, economics, and cultural and social sciences. 

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3. Affordable living

It must be very tedious and stressful to find a good and affordable room or apartment by, but in Paderborn, you will get good accommodation choices for all international students with a fair price, and this is also one of the reasons which attract a lot of new students every year. Students can also search for an apartment online.

4. Public Transportation

Students at the International Foundation College will receive the semester ticket, which is a ticket for the free use of public transportation within NorthRhine Westphalia. The public transportation in Paderborn includes the busses that drive all around Paderborn until late at night. On the weekend there are also specific night buses that will bring you home safely after a night out.

5. Social Life

  • There is a University party conducted every month which starts from 9 PM and goes until 2 AM. And the tickets are quite affordable to purchase to attend this party. 
  • Likewise, there is one University festival comes once a year which runs for a day. In this festival, students can participate in various bands, disco, food and drink stalls, etc. And the tickets for these events cost around 15 to 20 Euros. 
  • Shopping in Paderborn is very convenient. Supermarkets are located all around Paderborn, especially around the university and residential complexes. Please remember that the shops are usually closed on Sundays. Therefore, food should be bought in advance. The center of Paderborn offers a lot of shopping possibilities. You will find anything from electronics to clothes.


So life in Paderborn will fill your life with marvelous experience. The number of students increased every year because of the rise in leisure activities and different kinds of sports activities. Such as football club, archery, rugby, etc.  And besides everything one of the biggest city, Barcelona is just right next to it. There are also two Irish pubs, the “Auld Triangle” and the “Limericks” which are both located in the city center, and are very popular among the students as well as the soldiers that live in the British military base in Sennelager, a district of Paderborn.

All in all, Paderborn is a nice town to live in with plenty of possibilities.


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