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German Language Courses

Learning the German language while you are in India would give you a great headstart once you arrive in Germany. It might also be necessary for fulfilling your admission or Visa requirements. Among many German language proficiency tests, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels and TestDaF offered by Goethe Institute are popular. The Goethe Certification is valued throughout Germany. So the information here covers mainly the Goethe Institute German language courses in India.

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Before You Start

  • Head to your target university website and check if German Language certificate is a mandatory requirement for your course.
  • Also note down the expected level of proficiency (A1, A2, B1 etc.).
  • Understand the overview of course levels and decide on your target level.

Step by Step Process

  • Step I: You would want to register for A1 level if you are a beginner, pick a higher level if you already have some German Language expertise. Also, based on your convenience decide whether you like to take online or classroom teaching course (recommended).
  • Step II: If you have opted for the online course, head over to online courses link mentioned below. Make sure that you have the technical requirements and then fill out the online application form. Send the completed form along with the DD to the address mentioned.
  • Step III: If you prefer classroom teaching, visit the Goethe website. Choose the Goethe Institut/Zentrum near you. You will be redirected to the respective website. The next steps are illustrated with Goethe Institute Bangalore.
  • Step IV: Check the available course schedule and the corresponding registration periods. You can also get the overview of all the available courses here. Pick the one that is most suitable for you.
  • Step V: The registration request is sent through the email. Make sure that the email format is right.
  • Step VI: You will receive the confirmation email and also the payment information via email.
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  • Goethe Institutes have extremely short registration window and the seats will be filled quite quickly (esp. for regular A1, A2 levels). So plan ahead and send the email as soon as registration period opens.
  • However, if you do not get a place in Goethe, you can still get the Goethe certification by appearing as an external candidate for exams. Check the exam registration details and fees details.
  • If you are directly registering for a higher level course (>A1), you need to take a placement test. You are exempted only if your previous course was taken at Goethe (within last 6 months).


Listed below are a few complementary tools for honing your German Language skills. They can come in very handy if used properly. My suggestion is to use them alongside your regular German language course.

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