German Student Visa

As an Indian citizen, you are required to get a German Student Visa before moving to Germany for studies. Assuming that you have got an admit from a German university, you can now apply for the German Student Visa (Visum Zu Studienzwecken).


Here’s a youtube video with nice explanation of the process.


  1. The German student visa is an equivalent term for the long-term (>90 days) National Visa.

  2. All the information you need about the Visa is available on this official website.

Before you start

  1. Make sure you have the university admit letter. If you haven't got admit letter from your target university yet, don't worry. Admit letter from any other German university will do.

  2. Make sure your blocked account has the required amount of funds.

  3. Get your biometric photo according to these guidelines. You can find the addresses of photo studios below.

  4. Fill out this Application form for the National Visa.

  5. Print out this declaration document and sign it.

  6. In addition, student visa applicants in Kolkata should submit the filled in Student visa checklist and a Covering letter.

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Required documents

An official checklist is here.

  1. Valid passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 12 months validity left after the scheduled return)

  2. 1 copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy)

  3. 3 passport pictures according to biometric specifications

  4. Cover letter from applicant explaining the exact purpose and duration of stay

  5. Letter of admission from German university (electronic version)

  6. Proof of payment of study fees, if applicable

  7. Proof of language proficiency in English (IELTS) and/or German (ONLY if course is taught in German)

  8. Proof of other academic qualifications, if applicable

  9. Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your studies. i.e. “Sperrkonto” (blocked account) in Germany in the name of the applicant showing a minimum balance of 8640 euros and the remark that the account holder can dispose of a monthly amount of 720 euros.

  10. Travel health insurance covering the period from your departure to the date of enrolment at the university (mentioned in your letter of admission) (approx. 3 months)

You may also carry these additional documents:

  1. Your degree certificate and Transcripts, SSC/ HSC marks sheets

  2. Flight ticket

  3. Curriculum Vitae

  4. Studentenwerk Application mail and PDF of wait list

  5. Proof from a bank for your Education loan

  6. Your bank account statement from last one year

  7. Your employment letter (if you're working)

  8. The bank statement and a sworn affidavit from a parent/guardian stating that they will bear the expenses for the second year of your studies (in case you have not taken the education loan)

Step by step guide

This guide is more relevant to the German consulate in Bangalore. But a similar procedure applies to all the other consulates.

  1. Step I: Book your Visa Appointment here. Select your nearest German embassy under 'Appointments for German National Visas'. Book an appointment online on the available date and time slot. (just select the available and suitable time slot for you, if something goes wrong, you will have the option to cancel the appointment)

  2. Step II: You should get an email from the embassy confirming your appointment. Take a print out of this appointment mail. Also, get two (attested) copies of all the required documents.

  3. Step III: Verify the current exchange rate for your visa fee (60 euros) on this website and obtain the Demand Draft. Fees cannot be paid in cash. Note that this fee is not refundable, even when the visa is rejected.

  4. Step IV: Arrive at the German Embassy 30 minutes early to your scheduled time. If a slot is empty, you will be pushed to an earlier slot.

  5. Step V: A security guard will verify your Appointment letter, Demand draft amount, and your passport and let you inside.

  6. Step VI: Now at the entrance of waiting area, you will have a security check-up. You will be asked to take out all required documents and hand over your bag. You will be given an order list and will be asked to write your name, passport no., and mobile no. behind the DD (carry a pen!). Now you move to a queue in the waiting area.

  7. Step VII: Arrange all your originals and 2 photocopies of documents in order given in order list.

  8. Step VIII: When your number comes, you've to go to the counter and give them DD, DD forms, Passport along with 1 photo. He/she may then wish to see your other documents. After this, you'll be provided with a token no. for Visa interview.

  9. Step VIII: If you haven't done already, please paste your passport size photos on 2 Application forms for two set of documents, each. Make sure two sets of Photocopies and 1 set of originals are ready before your interview.

  10. Step IX: On the display board, token numbers will be displayed along with the counter number. Once your number is displayed, go and stand in front of the respective counter and wait for the interviewer to address you.

  11. Step X: Be confident and talk loudly enough for the interviewer to hear you. You may be asked some simple questions regarding your course, finance, german knowledge etc. Have a clear mind and be honest with your answers. This interview won't last more than 10 minutes.

  12. Step XI: During this interview, you'll be asked to fill in a questionnaire. take your time to fill in the details.

  13. Step XII: Next, your fingerprints will be added to the database. Follow the instructions given by the interviewer.

  14. Step XIII: The interviewer will type in all your details and give you a receipt. Your Visa interview is done. you will get a D stamp on your passport. At this point, few of your original documents will be left with the German consulate.

  15. Step XIV: It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to process your Visa application. After that, you will get a mail from the consulate asking for you to come and collect your Visa and other documents. Just go and collect the documents at the on the given date and time.

  16. Step XV: Verify whether the information printed on the visa sticker is correct and complete and to report any errors to the Embassy immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit the visa application to the German Consulate/VFS Global Office. But before this, please check as to which of these jurisdictions your current address belongs to. Find your consulate here.

No, visa applications will not be prepared by The German Visa Application Center. But it only accepts and processes the applications as per Embassy’s instructions.

Applicants can apply for German visa 90 days before their actual date of travel to Germany.

No, it can’t be processed on the same day unless it is authorized by the Embassy. Even if you request them for emergency visa processing, still it can’t be done. This is only possible if there is extreme medical circumstance.

No, you must get it before leaving your country.

Certainly not. If your sponsorship letter is expired, it can’t be accepted. Remember, more than six months old sponsorship letters will not be accepted.

You can’t. In order get the visa, your passport must be valid for at least next 6 months.

The VFS authority only extends the documentation and application process. The issuing of visas is solely at the discretion of the Embassy / Consulate. So Revealing the reason for refusal will be decided by consulate. The refusal letter which is given by consulate, normally states the reason for refusal.

A few weeks after your Visa Interview, you will get an email saying your passport is ready for collection. Once you get this notice from VSC, visit the consulate and collect your passport.

No. If you are unable submit it in person, submit it through authorized travel agent.

Probably one of these reasons:

1. Non payment of fees

2. Improper paper work

3. Verification of documentation and data

4. Unexpected inadmissibility

Find your Visa Consulate

Visa Interview Questions

If you visited the country before, it is recommended to remember the date of arrival and departure from the country where you had applied for the visa.

This question is asked by the officer to check your intention to go there. 

This is asked by the officer, to check whether you have done enough research regarding your education and you are serious about it.

This is asked to check whether you know the details of course you have applied for.

This is asked to know whether the course is available here and what made you to visit Germany to study the course. All you need to do is explain difference between the course offered in India and in Germany.

It is advised to remember the dates exactly.

This is asked to check how you are going to manage your finances during your stay in Germany.


If you have the full time scholarship then answer that I have a scholarship. Otherwise say the name of your sponsors. If your sponsors are your parents, then say that my father /mother is sponsoring my education.


This is asked by the visa officer to know the financial capacity of your sponsor. 
Take the bank statements, other supporting documents with you which indicate exact income source of your sponsors.

State a confident answer and show your blocked account statement which indicates that you have the sufficient funds.

Please know the GPA of your percentage before you answer to this question.

This is a frequently asked question in VI. Do prior research and get to know about your target university’s profile.

Remember to arrange your documents in order before you go for the interview. When they ask you for a document, you can give them without any delay. 

It is asked to know you better. So say to them what were you doing after your last school. And don’t forget mention your achievements, skills and sincerity.   

Tell them the exact address (of hostel, your friend’s residence etc.) without any second thoughts.

Say ‘YES’ if you have any relatives or just mention ‘NO’.

For this question, give a answer that should express clarity of your thoughts and your intentions. 

My Visa Interview experience

  1. Consulate: Bangalore

  2. Date and time: 27th June 2014, 9.00 am

  3. University: Technical University of Ilmenau (Changed to TU Munich later)

Arrange 2 sets of documents in below order

  1. German national Visa application form

  2. Declaration form

  3. Passport copy

  4. Cover letter

  5. Secondary School Leaving Certificate

  6. All academic qualifications certificates

  7. Blocked account Statement

  8. Travel health Insurance

  9. IELTS copy + German Language Certificates copy

Supporting Documents (these are not mandatory, but you are totally safe if you have them)

  1. Loan Sanction Letter.

  2. Employment Certificate (+Payslip, +Form 16)

  3. Your Parent’s 1-year bank transaction copy(+Payslip, +Form 16) (if they’re sponsoring)

Visa Interview

Me: Good morning :)
VO: Hello :)

I put one set of documents in the tray in front as she dragged it in.

She quickly went through all the documents and started typing something.

As she types, she started asking mundane questions just to keep the conversation on.

VO: Why do you want to study in Germany?

Me: I blabbed something for a minute which she wouldn’t listen.

VO: Which course are you applying for?

VO: Masters in Communication and Signal Processing

she looked a bit baffled as if she has heard that word for the first time, she asks me-

VO: What is Signal Processing?

Me: It is a discipline in Electronics Engineering.

She smiled and said Ohk.

VO: Can you give me your certificate of highest qualification?

Me: Sure. ( handed over my original degree certificate)

She typed again by looking into it

VO: Do you know where are you going to be accommodated?

Me: Yes. I’ll be accommodated in one of College dormitories of TU Ilmenau.

VO: Do you have a confirmation receipt?

Me: No I don’t have. I’m yet to apply for accommodation facilities.

VO: Are you working? What is your designation?

Me: I’m working in Robert Bosch, Bangalore. I’m a Software Engineer.

VO: Please scan your fingers.

(4 fingers right hand, 4 fingers left hand, 2 thumbs together)

She put the D stamp on the Passport and gave that to me along with a receipt.

VO: Please bring this receipt for VISA stamping.

ME: Is that it!?

VO: Yes. You will get a mail from the embassy after few weeks about the approval of your VISA.

ME: Thank you, Have a nice day :)

Duration: 9 to 9:08 am

She gave a checklist to fill in the middle of the interview. I think it was some survey sheet from DAAD. It had below questions:




Your state: (Karnataka/Kerala)


Course applying for:

Do you have any German Language certificate? (options-A1, A2, B1 etc)

Where did you take certification? (Options- Goethe, Other)

How are you financing your stay in Germany? (Options- Student loan, Parent salary, Other)

Some General Tips

  1. If you are taking VI in Bangalore, you have the option to book the slot, book a preferably first slot in the morning (9am). You’ll find VO in good mood.

  2. Don’t panic if you are a bit late. My guess is that slot timings are not followed strictly. If you reach too early also you’ll be given the token, if the next slot is empty.

  3. Although my interview involved all simple questions, please do collect below information before you go for yours,

    1. Names of some University Professors

    2. Your Course structure and subjects

    3. General Information about University location

  4. In rare cases be prepared to answer bizarre questions like:

    1. Why do you think I should give you the VISA?

    2. What do I gain by Issuing the VISA to you?

    3. Why Masters? Why don’t you go for Ph.D. directly?

    4. How is your UG course/ Work experience relevant to your chosen course in MS?

  5. Don’t worry about what to answer for these questions, just give some sensible answers!

Disclaimer: This post tells only my personal viewpoint about VI experience in Bangalore Consulate. The requirements vary across consulates and the questions mainly depend on the mood of VO.

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