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German Student Visa

As an Indian citizen, you are required to get a German Student Visa before moving to Germany for studies. Assuming that you have got an admit from a German university, you can now apply for the German Student Visa (Visum Zu Studienzwecken).

German Student Visa 1


Here’s a youtube video with nice explanation of the process.


Before you start


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Required documents

An official checklist is here.

You may also carry these additional documents:

Step by step guide

This guide is more relevant to the German consulate in Bangalore. But a similar procedure applies to all the other consulates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find your Visa Consulate

Visa Interview Questions

My Visa Interview experience

Arrange 2 sets of documents in below order

Supporting Documents (these are not mandatory, but you are totally safe if you have them)

Visa Interview

Me: Good morning 🙂
VO: Hello 🙂

I put one set of documents in the tray in front as she dragged it in.

She quickly went through all the documents and started typing something.

As she types, she started asking mundane questions just to keep the conversation on.

VO: Why do you want to study in Germany?

Me: I blabbed something for a minute which she wouldn’t listen.

VO: Which course are you applying for?

VO: Masters in Communication and Signal Processing

she looked a bit baffled as if she has heard that word for the first time, she asks me-

VO: What is Signal Processing?

Me: It is a discipline in Electronics Engineering.

She smiled and said Ohk.

VO: Can you give me your certificate of highest qualification?

Me: Sure. ( handed over my original degree certificate)

She typed again by looking into it

VO: Do you know where are you going to be accommodated?

Me: Yes. I’ll be accommodated in one of College dormitories of TU Ilmenau.

VO: Do you have a confirmation receipt?

Me: No I don’t have. I’m yet to apply for accommodation facilities.

VO: Are you working? What is your designation?

Me: I’m working in Robert Bosch, Bangalore. I’m a Software Engineer.

VO: Please scan your fingers.

(4 fingers right hand, 4 fingers left hand, 2 thumbs together)

She put the D stamp on the Passport and gave that to me along with a receipt.

VO: Please bring this receipt for VISA stamping.

ME: Is that it!?

VO: Yes. You will get a mail from the embassy after few weeks about the approval of your VISA.

ME: Thank you, Have a nice day 🙂

Duration: 9 to 9:08 am

She gave a checklist to fill in the middle of the interview. I think it was some survey sheet from DAAD. It had below questions:




Your state: (Karnataka/Kerala)


Course applying for:

Do you have any German Language certificate? (options-A1, A2, B1 etc)

Where did you take certification? (Options- Goethe, Other)

How are you financing your stay in Germany? (Options- Student loan, Parent salary, Other)

Some General Tips

Disclaimer: This post tells only my personal viewpoint about VI experience in Bangalore Consulate. The requirements vary across consulates and the questions mainly depend on the mood of VO.

German Student Visa 2

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German Student Visa 3

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