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GyanDhan Education Loan for Germany

GyanDhan Education loan for Germany

GyanDhan is one of the prominent finance companies which provide accessible guidelines for education loans abroad.  It started in April 2016, and soon it has got massive responses from more than 1000s recipients. GyanDhan headquartered in New Delhi and managed by Senbonzakura Consultancy Private Limited.  It has become India’s first leading education financing platform in a short period. 

How can you get access to Gyandhan?

  • Your first step is to make an application loan request through its website. 
  • After that, the education loan counselor (ECL) will contact you for knowing your profile and preferences. 
  • Based on your overall profile he will suggest you the load facility. 
  • If you agree upon, then there is an online application form with a customized list of the document which you need to fill and submit.
  • Note that you can provide the documents either online or some executive will collect them from your home. 
  • After completing the above steps, the GyanDhan will approve your loan request. 

Gyandhan is one of the ways which can give your career a better exposure by providing financial facilities to study abroad. GyanDhan works with-

These are the top lender of GyanDhan.

Here are some education loan facilities for students to know about

1) Interest Rate

Yes it is well known that every borrower has to give some amount of interest for restricted period assigned to him. Similarly, GyanDhan also possesses some secured amount of interest rate for its borrowers. 

So for an unsecured loan which is without collateral, the interest rates begin from 10.99% to 15%. 

And for a secured loan which means borrower pledges some asset like car property or ornaments, the interest rate is 9.9% to 10.65% for men and 9.4% to 10.15% for women.

Students can take loan until 1.5 crores with collateral and 50 Lack without guarantee.

Note that the secured loan is negotiable by the GyanDhan partners.

2) Free service

GyanDhan does not take any processing fees from its borrowers because lenders have their processing charges which are directly payable to them. 

Loans for coaching and foreign education Bringing you a step closer to that dream career

3) Repayment Terms

It is evident that after lending loan one must have to repay it along with the interest amount. Mainly the repayment process is divided into two parts-

  • During studies: If the loan has opted from public sector banks you do not need to pay anything. If not then interest/partial interest has to be spent on a monthly basis. 
  • After Study: This loan has to get paid based on the number of years taken credit for, you make EMIs. 

Please note that you can always prepay and close the loan without any penalty. 

4) Tax benefits

As per section 80E of the Income Tax of India, the interest paid on the education loan can be claimed as a deduction from income which will reduce the amount you have to pay from your side.

5) Loans for coaching and foreign education

coaching and training related programs. This is the additional benefactor for the students who are looking for foreign exposure. So you can place order and GyanDhan will provide you the best loan provider and get your loan sanctioned.  

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