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How Much Does it Cost to Study in Germany

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Germany​

What does it really cost to start your Master studies in Germany? The simple answer is Time, Money and your commitment. But without a quantitative measure, one can not get a clear picture. In this article, let us try to break down the process and check what is the time and the expenses of each of steps involved.

The numbers below will vary from one individual to the other depending on several influencing factors. But let us consider the most simple and ideal case for our study.

1. Expenses in India

*owing to several factors e.g. travel, purchase of study material, agency fee, insurance for the education loan.

The average costs in India

  • Average time <= 20 weeks (many tasks can be done in parallel)
  • Average expenses ≈ Rs. 1,20,000

Further, you need to produce the funds to support yourself during the first year in Germany. (These costs are included in the next section because they are basically the expenses in Germany)

In the end, your costs while you're in India (costs before going to Germany, covering your first year)

  • Average expenses ≈ Rs. 2,40,000 (with education loan)
  • Average expenses ≈ Rs. 8,50,000 (own funding)
  • Average time <= 24 weeks (many tasks can be done in parallel) ≈ 6 months

2. Expenses in Germany

Assuming that there is no tuition fee for your course, let us try to estimate the living costs per month. Here comes a disclaimer again, these expenses can vary largely depending on the university, the location, and your personal lifestyle.

*owing to the shopping, parties, gym, sports etc.

  • Average expenses per month ≈ 650 Euros
  • Average expenses for two years in Germany = 15,600 Euros ≈ Rs. 12,00,000
  • The grand total of expenses = Rs. 12,00,000 + Rs. 1,20,000 = Rs. 13,20,000

Lastly, let us include the additional expenses for trips, visits to India, any major purchase etc. Then our best and final guess would be Rs. 15,00,000.

  • The final prediction for the overall cost of MS in Germany = Rs. 15,00,000

A note on Student Jobs

You will be eligible to work for up to 20 hours per week in Germany. If you can take up a student job during your studies, you will be able to support yourself partially/ completely. In that case, the overall cost can be very less.

I hope that this analysis gives you an idea about the prospective costs and helps in planning your time and finance in advance. Finally, even if you have all the resources, your commitment towards planning and the right execution plays an important role in reaching your goal. So plan ahead, start early and never lose your commitment.

Lastly, these native videos explain the cost of study and living in Germany.

Tuition fee and semester fee in Germany

Living cost in Germany

11 thoughts on “How Much Does it Cost to Study in Germany”

  1. For winter semester, deadlines can be as early as January 15. It is always better to be prepared by the end of December. But no need to panic if you are a little late.

    1. The winter deadlines are till 15 July. So you will get an admit as long as you apply within the application period of any particular university.

  2. Dude iam from chennai, pursuing final year ug mechatronics. iam very much interested to study in German universities. Due to my sports activities i have only 7cgpa till 6th semester , how i can find the easily available universities for masters – mechatronics.can you guide me step by step.

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