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How to pay Uni-Assist Fee Online via Credit Card

Five Steps to pay through Uni-Assist (Via Credit Card)

Uni-assist is a convenient platform which manages and processes applications of students and forwards it to Universities.  For instance, if a University asks application or payment via Uni-assist, then a student has to process via Uni-assist only. So, once the student pays through Uni-Assist, then the Uni-Assist will follow up and check the eligibility of student’s applications and later forward it to University Branch where a student has applied. 

Right now, Thomas Cook and Cox & Kings are leading financial companies providing online payment via wire transform. Wire transform is nothing but a process by which funds get transferred from one bank account to another bank account, and through Wire Transfer, one can also transfer cash from one country to another. This way takes at least 48 hours to confirm the fee payment.

But there is still an issue of getting stuck in the process of Fee Payment. Alike, many times, students get fooled by fraud websites of payment systems and later give up on their dreams. Therefore there is a high need for awareness and information before making any fee payment. 

To resolve these difficulties, the Uni-Assist has allowed credit card payment, which hardly takes time (15 minutes) to perform fee payment task and immediately give you the paid fee confirmation, and it is user-friendly and reliable too.  Credit Card Payment provides not only a quick payment service but also security protocols. One can use Visa and MasterCard while making an online payment.

What Uni-Assist does?

The leading universities are affiliated to Uni-Assist because, for them, it reduces the load of vague applications and saves time in evaluating all applications, which can be eliminated in the first phase itself.  Also, Uni-Assist intends to deal with the troubles faced by foreign applicants. There are probably specific rules for that who applies directly and who has to apply through Uni-Assist. Thus, the student needs to read the instructions for the application very precisely. The Uni-Assist also helps the students as they can post all their applications together to a single address decreasing shipping cost, tracking, and related headache.

So when it comes to fee payment, how one can pay fees through Uni-Assist- 

The international students can pay the fees for their Uni-assist application either by bank transfer or by credit card payment.  So, how the Credit Card payment method works- 

Payment through Credit Card

1. Payment’s Deadline

The very first step for the students to know is the due date of the payment, which also applies to the application. That’s why it is crucial to inquire about application deadlines with the academies.

But there are some necessary things to be kept in mind such as- 

  • The appropriate date to meet the deadline is the date on which Uni-Assist receives the student’s payment.
  • It becomes unable for the Uni-Assist to process the application before a student pays the administration fee completely.

This is why the Uni-Assist suggests payments to be made as quick as possible!

So once you fulfill all these measures, you can proceed further. 


Click Here and login with the Uni-Assist online account. You will find a similar screen as given below. 



This step may ask you the required amount for a specific semester or course that you need to pay.  Because it is an online payment hence, you may find different card options such as Debit Card, Credit Card, and Sofort Banking to pay the amount. It depends on you whichever card option you want to choose to pay the fees. 

NOTE : Sofort Banking option can be used only by eight European countries- Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Poland.


4. Payment Overview and Privacy Policy

Fourth step may show you the overall view of the payment and ask for confirmation in order to move further with the payment detail. Hence you need to agree with the mentioned privacy policy. Thus, you can move to the next step.


5. Credit Card Details

If you choose Credit Card, then you will be meeting to fill card’s specifications such as Card number, Cardholder name, Expiry date, and a verification number. So, once you fulfill this information, you can proceed further to Pay Now. This is the last step of your payment process and is supposed to be the most effective way of making use of the credit card payment quickly. 


Advantage of Payment through Credit Card

  • 3D Secure (3-domain structure) is a security protocol that aids to prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions. This additional security was drafted and devised by Visa and MasterCard, and it’s marked as ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘MasterCard Secure Code’ respectively.
  • 3D Secure Credit Cards enable users to make a secure and convenient payment they might not otherwise be able to do. Therefore, Uni-Assist provided Credit Card payment option, which reduces the amount of time-consumed and vague payment process, and extremely easy to use.
  • 3D Secure works as an additional layer of security granted by the card issuer. In fact, in the event of a fraudulent transaction, it becomes validated through 3D Secure, it is quite convincing that obligation will shift to the acquirer. In short, operators are protected against misleading chargebacks since the reliability is transferred.

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