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How to Write Statement of Purpose (SOP)

How to Write Statement of Purpose (SOP)

How to Write Statement of Purpose

If you are applying to grad school, you will probably have to write a statement of purpose (SOP), it is the hardest thing you will ever write. Usually it will be one or two pages in length, your statement of purpose can make you or break you. If you just focus on conveying your interests and experiences using specific, vivid details, however, you can write a statement of purpose that stands out good and excites admissions committees. So lets us see how to write statement of purpose.

SOP Chronology Order

1. Come Up with a "hook"

2. Sketch out your “childhood or primary education”

3. Sketch out your recent “degree education”

4. Sketch out your "Work Experience"

How to Write Statement of Purpose (SOP) 4

5. Sketch out your "Extracurricular Activities"

6. Sketch out "why you have chosen specific this university"

7. Sketch out "Future Plans"

8. Show your SOP to Professor for "Copy-Edit and ProofRead"

9. Review your SOP from "MS IN GERMANY"


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