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Job Opportunities in Germany for International Students Post Completion of their Master’s Degrees

For a while, Germany has been the most popular country in Europe for international students. Its well-established education system allows the students to develop themselves into thorough professionals in a wholesome learning environment. Just like the education system, the job opportunities in Germany are also diverse and welcoming. Whether you are an engineer or a B-school student, there are ample job opportunities in Germany for everyone.

The universities in Germany are nothing short of Ivy League colleges. These universities train students to be industry-ready by fusing traditional learning with the latest industrial skill training. As a result, students passing out from these universities stand the chance of being employed in the best organisations and companies in the country. Therefore, for an industry-trained student, he could be flooded with plenty of job opportunities in Germany.

Working in Germany after a Master’s Program:

A master’s degree in Germany is the stepping stone of a flourishing career. The country has one of the lowest global unemployment rates, and well-trained and skilled employees enjoy good pay with great benefits. Therefore, the chances of getting a job in Germany increases manifold after you complete your Master’s from Germany.

Landing a job in Germany is relatively easy. The country allows you 18 months to find employment which might get reduced to six months if you choose to return to your home country after completing your Master’s. Besides, Germany is at the core of research and development in Europe. So, you will have abundant chances of being involved in innovative projects.

In addition, the work ethics in Germany allows you to be productive and maintain a good work-life balance. The standard protocol restricts your work hours to 35 per week with a maximum of 8 hours a day. Furthermore, the companies provide bonuses in the form of cash or trips to their employees. Therefore, along with enjoying a higher quality of life, you could also travel around the country or Europe.

The country offers affordable housing options to international employees, has a well-connected and cheap transportation system and has a lively culture of its own. Therefore, working in Germany comes with the benefits of a promising, stress-free career along with propitious social security and personal growth.

Top Job Opportunities in Germany

There are plenty of job opportunities available in various fields. Let us take a look at some of the jobs that are in high demand.

1. Research

Job Opportunities in Germany

Source: Kolabtree Blog

Scientific research is one of the most common job opportunities in Germany opted by students right after completing their Master’s degree. Most of the students wish to continue pursuing their field of interest and, therefore, end up exploring academics and research.

Besides having top-notch institutes for education, Germany also houses world-class research universities. This is evident from the fact that some of the all-time most extraordinary minds in science have studied and carried out their experiments and research in these research universities. Moreover, students who have completed their degree in science (M.S. in Germany and PhD holders) can apply for grants for research and carry on with their studies in one of these German universities.

2. Engineering


Source: Career Girls

Germany is the hub of budding engineers. The country offers a plethora of options to explore for engineering students. Therefore, students get a chance to specialise and excel in a wide variety of unique academic streams. Needless to say, the job opportunities in Germany in the engineering disciplines are also equally fascinating, given the country’s interest in producing technological marvels and breakthroughs.

Engineers are considered to be valuable assets in Germany, especially automotive, aerospace, mechanical, electrical and computer engineers. Thus, it won’t be much of a surprise if you land yourself your dream job with a fat paycheque in reputable companies like BMW Group, Continental, Diehl Aviation, Audi AG, Siemens AG, etc. In addition, Germany is considered to be a major centre of technological innovation in Europe. Therefore, the demand for engineers in the country is only rising. So, get that Masters in Engineering degree in a German university and start preparing for your dream job.

3. Information Technology experts

Information Technology experts

Source: SHRM

The recent boom in information technology has revolutionised our lives and culture. Information technology is being applied increasingly in all aspects of our life, be it the internet, education, healthcare, advertising or even driving. If you are one of those who wish to pursue a career in computer and information technology, the universities and the job opportunities in Germany will surely lure you.

Consequently, students wish to pursue higher studies in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Germany to learn about the nitty-gritty of the technology. On passing out, they find employment in reputed businesses and organisations in Germany with a chance to transform information technology and its applications every day. A few of the top German IT companies to look out for are – Eleks, Avenga, IT Svit, Adastra, etc. To be an ICT expert in Germany, you need to pursue a master’s degree in Information Technology and Computer Science.

4. Salesperson/ Sales Expert

Salesperson or Sales Expert

Source: Sterling National Bank

Germany is one of the most sought-after countries for business schools in Europe. The universities in the country offer industry-ready management courses. As a result, students acquire all the necessary skills integral to businesses and eventually land up the best business job opportunities in Germany.

A salesperson is the forerunner of a company. They are the key to building businesses as their role involves analysing markets, researching and targeting key consumer demographics and developing schemes to sell and market the products and services. A salesperson undertakes the task of bringing the company and its products closer to consumers. Management and marketing students are great fits for this role.

5. Educators/ Teachers:

Educators or Teachers

Source: The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

It is no new fact that Germany is famous for its education system. Along with training the students thoroughly in theories, the universities also take the effort of coaching them with current industry knowledge. Because of the popularity of German universities among students, the country is continuously striving to expand its education sector. Consequently, teaching job opportunities in Germany are abundant now.

Germany prides itself on being at the core of quality education in Europe. Therefore, the demand for teachers and educators is increasing in the country like never before. Students from any field are open to apply for tutorship in local schools and even in universities in Germany.

6. Healthcare Professionals and Officers

Healthcare Professionals and Officers

Source: Journey Marketing

Irrespective of the country, healthcare will always be an essential service sector. Complying with the UN guidelines, Germany has pledged to make its healthcare sectors accessible and available to all. As a result, the requirement for healthcare professionals in Germany is on the rise. Physicians, doctors, dentists and nurses are being heavily employed in all parts of the country.

As a developed country, Germany pays excellent attention to healthcare. Consequently, it has state-of-the-art hospitals and healthcare centres. So, a Medical or a nursing degree from Germany will enable you to be part of the world’s most developed healthcare infrastructure.

7. Finance Analysts/ Accountants:

Finance Analysts or Accountants

Source: Top Accounting Degrees

Accountants are assets of a company. All kinds of businesses, establishments and organisations require dedicated financial accounting to keep the company running successfully. Keeping track of every minor and major spend is key to streamline budgets in the right direction.

The job opportunities in Germany for accountants and financial analysts are in abundance. With the right skills, you can get employed by leading companies like New Horizons Global Partners, Ecovis International, Mazars Germany, etc. To fulfil your dream of working in Germany as an accountant, you need to have a master’s degree in finance or accounting.

8. Energy and Environmental Technology

Energy and Environmental Technology

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

One of the emerging areas of great scope and interest in Germany is energy and environmental technology. Germany is at the centre of technological innovations in the world. Consequently, the pioneering work of devising different technologies and making them market-ready is done in the country.

If you wish to work towards sustainable solutions in the future, energy and environmental technology is just the right path for you. So, get a master’s degree in energy and environmental energy in Germany and get paid handsomely while paving the way for a sustainable future.


Germany is now one of the most famous study destinations in the world. Furthermore, the country is now the fourth-largest country for international students around the world as the German universities have the reputation of being well-revered among employers around the world. Consequently, the job market in Germany is also evolving, with a plethora of career opportunities for students from all disciplines.

Similarly, the country has opened its arms wide open for both international students and job seekers. This blog is an attempt to explore the job opportunities in Germany after completing your Master’s.

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