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Letter Of Motivation For German Student Visa!!


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Letter of Motivation for German Student Visa

Letter of Motivation for German Student Visa

After getting admission to your dream program, there is still one more hurdle to cross before you land in Germany. Getting your student visa approved is the home stretch you need to pass through to reach the finish line. A letter of motivation for German student visa is one of the important documents you need to submit with your student visa application. It is vital that you write this letter well and include all the relevant details. A well-written and comprehensive letter of motivation will most definitely put you ahead of other applicants in securing a German student visa.

What Is a Letter of Motivation for German Student Visa?

A letter of motivation, as the name suggests, is a letter you write to the visa officer explaining the various factors that motivated you to study in Germany, for the program/university that you have secured admission. It should explain how studying in Germany will be beneficial to Germany and your native country, and how studying the chosen program at that particular university will help you shape your career aspirations. The most crucial part of the letter is where you explain your long term goals that would serve your home country and Germany, at large.

Why Is It Important?

A letter of motivation for German student visa is important for the following reasons :

  • A comprehensively written letter of motivation can place you at an advantage in comparison with the other international students during the visa process.
  • A letter of motivation gives a clear idea to the immigration officials about your choices and the reasons behind them.
  • A letter of motivation with the necessary statistics and facts will show that you have done your research and have enough knowledge about Germany and its universities.
  • You will be able to convince the authorities that you wish to study in Germany to meet your academic goals and long-term career aspirations, reiterating your actual purpose of attaining higher education.

How to Write a Convincing Letter of Motivation for German Student Visa?

Letter of Motivation for German Student Visa

Now that we have established the importance of this document, it goes without saying that it needs to be written with utmost precision. Let us break down and deconstruct to see what makes a good letter of motivation. It should essentially contain three parts.

  • Introduction - that focuses on Germany
  • Body - that focuses on the university and the study program
  • Conclusion - that details your future plans

What to Write in the Introduction?

The primary intention of the letter is to prove your motivation to study in Germany. So it makes sense to address that first, without beating around the bush. In this part of the letter, you can take a two-pronged approach.

  • First, you should talk about what makes Germany superior in comparison with other countries. You can write about the economy, technology, energy efficiency etc.
  • After this, you need to get more specific and explain why you wish to study in Germany. Here, you can write about the high quality of education that is enabled by giving equal importance to theoretical and practical learning.
  • You can also write about the low tuition fee and the various scholarships and grants awarded by DAAD for international students.
  • Germans take great pride in their language. So mention about the opportunity to learn German, which will increase your employability anywhere in Europe.

What to Write in the Body ?

After writing about Germany, you have to shift your focus to your university and your study program. You have to explain the reasons for choosing this university and specific course.

About Your University

  • You can start by showing that your university has an environment that is conducive for international students and has a multicultural student density.
  • Then you can go on to talk about the quality of education that the university provides.
  • You can mention the infrastructure, research facilities, modern equipment in the labs and other features of your university.
  • If your university is home to a famous and accomplished faculty, you can write about them too.
  • Internships are crucial for practical learning, building a professional network and finding employment after completing the course. If your university has tie-ups with industries or organisations, make sure to write about it.

About Your Study Program

  • When you write about your study program, follow a logical flow, starting with how you developed an interest in that subject. You can mention a project, a course or even an internship that veered your interest in this direction.
  • You can elaborate on how this program is one notch above the other similar programs offered by other universities. This could be in terms of ranking, additional courses, research projects etc.
  • Then you can get more specific by writing about the structure and modules of the program and the flexibility in choosing electives and specialisations if any.
  • You also have to mention the suitability of the program to students with specific backgrounds and the outcomes of the program, like the skills and expertise that you will gain.
  • Lastly, mention the career opportunities that await the students after completing the course.
  • You can also cover the research opportunities available in your university that you particularly wish to pursue.

What to Write in the Conclusion ?

In the conclusion part, let them know about your specific long term goals. If there are any discrepancies in your application, you can explain them too.

Long Term Goals

It is mandatory to explain your future plans clearly. You have to write it in a way that it portrays that your ventures will be beneficial to your home country and to Germany. It is better to mention that you wish to return to your country after completing your studies.

Addressing Discrepancies

If your application has any inconsistencies use this opportunity to clear them. Some of the common issues are

  • Low academic scores: If there are any personal reasons for your low academic scores, you can explain them.
  • Unrelated Master's program: If you are applying for a Master's program that is in a completely different discipline from your Bachelor's degree, you can explain why. You can mention relevant work experience in the field of the Master's program you have chosen or a short term course that you studied after your Bachelor's.
  • Second Bachelor's or Master's degree: If you have already completed a Bachelor's or Master's degree and are going to pursue another one, explain the reason.

Are Letter of Motivation and Cover Letter the Same ?

No, they are not. A letter of motivation talks about Germany, university and the course. A cover letter is more specific and personal. It contains the following details:

  • Personal details
  • Academic and professional background
  • Reason to study in Germany
  • Financial details for covering the cost of living and studying in Germany
  • Accommodation in Germany
  • List of documents

So a cover letter is more about your personal information and your preparedness in terms of finance and accommodation during your stay in Germany.

How Can We Help?

We can tell your story with our words. We have experienced writers who can write a persuasive letter of motivation to convince the visa officials that you are an excellent candidate for studying in Germany. We have a methodical approach, where we do the following:

  • Analyse your profile
  • Have a detailed discussion, if required
  • Collect information about your university and course
  • Write a comprehensive and convincing letter of motivation
  • Deliver your document on time

Our professional writers will prepare a persuasive letter of motivation for your German student visa. Let us help you put you ahead of your counterparts in your race for getting a German student visa.

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You cannot afford to be complacent after you get admission to your dream university. You still need your student visa to find yourself walking proudly into the campus. Remember, a letter of motivation for German Student Visa is an important document in your visa application process. If you find it all too overwhelming to do it by yourself, we can help you to cross the finish line!


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