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Letter Of Motivation For German Student Visa

We Offer Motivation Letter Writing Service For German Student Visa. Request Callback.





Rs. 2999

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1. Analysing LOM Preferences
2. LOM Draft Preparation & Delivery
3. Student Review
4. LOM Finalization & Final Draft Delivery


1 week

Delivery File Format

PDF and .docx


Professional Writers

Our professional writers are well-experienced in academic writing. Your document is in safe hands!

High-Quality & Plagiarism Free

We prepare high-quality documents, that are unique and plagiarism free

Affordable Prices

We render professional service at affordable prices for the benefit of the students

Letter of Motivation Service Workflow


Apply for LOM Writing Service Online

Place your order online and complete the payment.



Submit your details

Fill the LOM preference form and submit your details.
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Coordinate with our team

Work alongside our professional writers during the student review stage and provide inputs as required.



On-Time Delivery

Expect on-time delivery of your professionally written Letter of Motivation for German Student Visa.


What is a Letter of Motivation for German Student Visa?

A Letter of Motivation (Motivational letter for Student Visa) is a document that you would need to submit along with other documents when you apply for German Student Visa. A Letter ofMotivation, as the name suggests, is a letter that you write to the visa officer (of your German consulate) explaining the various factors that motivated you to study in Germany, for the program/university that you have secured admission. It should explain how studying in Germany will be beneficial to Germany, and your native country, and how studying the chosen program at that particular university will help you shape your career aspirations. The most crucial part of the letter is where you explain your long-term goals that would serve your home country and Germany, at large.

Who should apply?

You should avail Letter of Motivation writing service for any of the reasons below:

  1. You have written your SOP but looking for feedback and evaluation by professional writers.

  2. You wish to enhance the quality of your SOP and need inputs to improve it further.

  3. You are unsure if the quality of your SOP matches the academic standards as set by the USA.

  4. You are looking for expert opinion and feedback on language usage, grammar and content relevance.

How Can Letter of Motivation writing service help me?

The LOM writing service will benefit you in several ways:

  1. Improves overall Profile Evaluation Score - 5-25 points.

  2. You will get a clear idea of whether your SOP meets the current academic standards.

  3. A professionally reviewed SOP will most significantly increase your chances of securing an admission.


Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.

All LOMs for German Student Visa written by our professional writers are 100% original work. Our writers will analyse your profile, collect information about the university and course, and prepare a comprehensive document that is unique to your profile and requirements. Every single LOM that we write is specific to your profile and is written from scratch, leaving no room for plagiarism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check your inbox, you would have received an e-mail with a link to the preference form that you need to fill-up and submit. Once we receive your details, ”order start” will be initiated.
It will typically take 2-7 days for initial draft delivery, depending on the number of orders in queue.
Every single LOM that we write is specific to your profile and is written from scratch, leaving no room for plagiarism.
You will receive a professionally written LOM for German Student Visa, with the necessary facts and figures documented to highlight your motivation for higher studies in Germany.

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