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Life in Germany: People, Culture and Lifestyle

Life in Germany: People, Culture and Lifestyle

“I will name no country, but Germany is ready to move on the budget.” This adage by Bela Anda, German government spokesperson, completely defines the life in Germany, a nation which has always been quick to adapt to whatever situation it was presented with.

Life in Germany: People, Culture and Lifestyle

Source : uniform

Life in Germany: An Overview

Germany is known as an economic powerhouse in Europe. It is the country of poets and thinkers. Germany is known for its cultural diversity, high-quality education system and medical facilities. The country is popular for its beers, BMW and Bach. It has been named as the top country overall as per the US News and World Report as well. Germany has a population of 81.5 million making it the most populous country in Europe. One of the most remarkable features of the country is its Rhine river. The country is rich in forests, beaches, rivers and mountain ranges with its black forests being one of the major tourist attractions. The capital city of Germany- Berlin is known for its art and nightlife scenes.

German Culture and Lifestyle

German Culture and Lifestyle

Source : Deutsche Welle (DW)

The traditions, culture, and customs of a country are unique in itself, and that is where the beauty of the country lies. The same applies to this beautiful country. The main language practiced here is German, and the main religion is Christianity. Apart from that, a small number of people are Muslims, and some are from religions other than Christianity and Islam. The dressing style of Germans has a western touch to it. Both men and women wear a suit and simple shirts. The traditional costumes are worn but mostly during festivals and special events. Germans also have a flair for reading and hence if you are living there, you will see books having a major impact on your life in Germany. Their interest in literature is evident from the country’s publishing every year, which accounts for 94 thousand books annually. Germany also has a lot of opera houses and is home to many music festivals.

The Rock-am Ring festival that is held in Mendig, Germany, is one of the most famous and largest music festivals in the world. The country also has a rich and diversified architecture. It has huge palaces, castles, cathedrals and monuments depicting the country’s story. The taste for art is also very gothic, especially when it comes to painting and sculptures. One thing that can be seen in German literature and also in the overall life in Germany is the touch of romanticism in all its pictures and other art forms. Their customs are quite unusual, like brides carrying bread and salt for food harvest and grooms carrying grains for good fortune and wealth.

Sports for Germans is like food for life. Around 27 lakh Germans are part of different sports clubs and other activity-based clubs. The German national football team is one of the strongest teams in the world.

German People

Most German cities witness a rich and diversified mix of nationalities coming from different religions, backgrounds and cultures. Christianity is the religion that is followed by most of the Germans. Islam is practiced as the third religion in Germany. However, it accounts for only 5% of the population. Apart from this, 70 other religions are prevalent in the country. Many do not confess to being of any creed or from some other religions apart from Christianity and Islam. German is the mother tongue and apart from this, four major languages are also used in the country viz English (56% of the population), French (15% of the population), Russian (5% of the population), and Turkish (1.8 % of the population). If one has to look at it, then life in Germany is really diverse and full of people and cultures of all colours and ethnicities.

German Cuisine and Food

German Cuisine and Food

Source : Citizen Times

The life in Germany cannot be described completely if one does not talk about their love for beer and food. German food is a mixture of different spices and other ingredients from across the world. Germany is also known as the land of culinary delights. There are a variety of cuisines enjoyed by the people there. One of the traditional meals to be enjoyed is a full-fledged meal including meat drenched in rich, creamy and saucy gravy and a glass full of beer. Apart from meat, sausages are also very popularly eaten in the form of street food. Some of the popular cuisines of Germany include:Sauerbraten (Roast Beef Stew), Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle), Rinderroulade (Beef Roll), Bratwurst (Grilled Sausage), Weisswurst (Bacon Sausage), Currywurst (Sausage with Curry Sauce), etc.

In drinks, beer and wine are liked the most and are found to accompany the meals usually. Red and white wine is the most enjoyed by the people. They also enjoy drinking plain coffee or coffee with whipped cream. The Germans are also very fond of desserts and sugar laden treats such as cookies, chocolates and cakes.

Work and Economy

The economy of Germany is the most flourished one. It ranks 4th in the world after the UK, Russia, and America. The automotive industry is the leading contributor and accounts for the maximum to the growth of the economy. The exporting sectors of industry have helped boost the economy to quite a level. The healthcare and electrical industry with a portfolio of other areas generate a lot of opportunities and jobs for the country’s youth. Germany is a country of great innovations, especially -green technology. Germany’s economy is flourishing because of the great infrastructure, quality education, well-developed transport system, and vocational training implementation, especially in craft and trade. It provides a large number of employment opportunities to the people, both its own citizens as well as international ones. International students studying in prestigious universities have been living happily there and enjoying superior career growth.

Here is an article on job opportunities in Germany and details of payscale for professionals.

Cost of Living in Germany

Living in Germany is wonderful. It comes with its set of advantages, which makes it a cult favourite amongst most of the people. The cost of living is quite low in comparison to other countries. Life can be enjoyed pretty much, and still, a lot can be saved to survive in the future. The scenic and calm beauty of the country would swoon anyone. The snow-covered mountains, sands on the beaches, greenery all around all of these make for some breath-taking views that come along with living in Germany. It is easy to get a job here, and the unemployment rate is amongst the lowest in the world, making it a favourite among most individuals. The nightlife is quite happening and cool in Berlin, the capital city of Germany.

Learn about the estimated cost of living in Germany from an international student’s perspective.

Studying in Germany

With an exceptionally high-quality education system and learning in a manner that inspired innovation, Germany has been the home to multiple innovators and Nobel laureates. The best part is that education is free in most universities or is quiet inexpensive in others. There are a varied number of courses to choose from, ranging from medical to engineering. Language accessibility is another noted feature. There is a huge number of English-taught programs offered by top German universities.

Attractions in Germany

Germany is a beautiful country with varied cultures, traditions, and opportunities and the life in Germany is a reflection of the same. Its history is diversified in terms of its architecture. The art and paintings are also a must watch here. When visiting Germany, some of the most beautiful destinations to mark are Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden, Munich, the Mosal valley, Saxon Switzerland National Park, Schwerin Castle, Rugen Cliffs, Hohenzollern Castle, etc.


After reading this post, we are sure that most of you would be excited to explore the country in your semester breaks. Germany is indeed a great place to be- not just to explore but also to make significant progress in your career. This blog was an attempt at giving you a glimpse of how the life in Germany is like!

Visit this link below for information on best cities to study in Germany for international students.

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