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Post Admission - Further steps

Yes! Very few things in life can surpass the joy of receiving the admit from your dream university! We still got work to do. Each step from now on is very crucial and we have taken care to explain them and guide you through in a best possible way.

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Education Loan

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Blocked Account

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Travel Insurance

German Student Visa

Here's the second most important document apart from your admit itself. We make sure you come across no surprises while securing it! We have dedicated one entire section of our platform to guide you through the Visa process step-by-step.

Post Arrival Guidance

Our support just doesn't stop at you securing your visa and board a flight to Germany. By this time, you are an integral part of MS in Germany family and we would want to continue our support even after your arrival in Germany.

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Course enrolment

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Accommodation Search

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Residence Permit

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Your wish is our commitment. Let's get started!

MSinGermany has revolutionised the way students approach for their higher studies in Germany. Everything seems so simple now!

Mukund Sharma, CEO, WiseGerman LLC.

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