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Part-time jobs in Germany

Part-time jobs in Germany

In general, most of the students look for part-time jobs in order to manage their expenses, hence German universities offer several part-time profession like, assistance professor, librarian, English tutor, etc. and these jobs are well displayed on the university notice boards so you can easily find about them with the department you are part of.

The real-world situations encountered each day make an individual face the realities of life. When you move out of the security of your house and to an unknown place, you are truly exposed to the real hardships of life, that you are protected from when you live with your parents. One of the greatest challenges that you face is to bear your expenses yourself. Whether you want to earn a little side cash or expand your social network or to kickstart your professional career, having a part-time job in hand serves its purpose in the long run. Many foreign students, who come to study in Germany, opt for taking up some part-time jobs during the course of their course of their stay to fund their education. Whatever may be your motivation to find a part-time job for yourself in Germany, you do have to be aware of some essential factors before you make up your mind.

The Eligibility and Laws for part time jobs in Germany

As an international student, you are entitled to take up part-time employment along with your studies while in Germany. Some of the things that you have to keep in mind are:

  • As a student, you are allowed to work for a total of 120 full days or 240 half days in a year.
  • According to university rules, students are not allowed to work for more than 20 hours a week, during their term. However, during their vacations, they can take up full-time jobs as well.
  • A job permit from the Federal Employment Agency and the foreigners’ authority is mandatory.
  • Working more than 20 hours a week is generally not preferred because of health insurance, unemployment as well as nursing care insurance.
  • If you are pursuing a language course, the rules are even stricter. In this case, you will be allowed to work only during lecture-free periods and also with explicit permission from the foreign authority.
  • Working within the university has added the benefit of flexible and longer working hours along with higher wages. But finding a job within the university would be a tedious task.
  • The tax policy is another major issue. If you earn less than 450 euros a month, then you are exempted from paying any kinds of taxes.
  • Complying with Germany’s employment laws is extremely important. If you are found breaking these employment laws, then you can be expelled from Germany right at that moment. So, keep everything in place when working in Germany.

The kind of jobs you can take up

1. Teaching or Research Assistant at the University

These types of jobs are at the topmost place in a list of suitable part-time employment in Germany. Generally, the teaching jobs are open for research scholars and pay a handsome salary. The job profile usually involves helping the professor grade copies and preparing lecture tutorials. You can also be employed as a supervisor or as a librarian. These jobs are mostly advertised on the notice boards in the university, or you can inquire about one from your department itself.

2. English Tutors

The next most lucrative job opportunity for international students is teaching English to German students. There is always a choice of taking private tuitions for the students there, which usually has a decent pay scale. You must be skilled in the language you teach though, for this decides your employment in this sector. For example, a student from the UK would be preferred for the job over an Indian student, because of his greater grasp on the English language.

3. As support staff or waiters at café’s, bars, etc.

Catering jobs are often the most popular jobs among kids these days. Many international students opt for this for more reasons than money. While the pay scale may not be that great, it does provide the students with a great chance to explore the city, engage with new people after the day at the university.  A special mention here is the fact that Germans are generous with their tips also. Just keep in mind that German proficiency of at least A2 level is mandatory.

4. Industrial Production Assistants

These are more preferred by students looking for some experience and more suitable employment options after studies. Another benefit is that these jobs have a great salary. Germany provides the students with a one-year post-study work permit along with their student visas, which makes finding these jobs easier and more beneficial to a significant career in Germany. A student can easily find these kinds of jobs in the local newspapers. 

What is the salary?

When we talk about the salary, an average student, earns anywhere between 5 to 15 euros an hour or roughly around 450 euros a month. Generally, the wages are higher in the big towns, but the cost of living in those towns is also on the expensive side. This is ordinary pay at which a student is exempted from paying any taxes. A research associate, however, would earn more than that and would still be exempted. Calculating the total, somewhere around 8354 euros is the standard limit of one-year earnings that do not attract taxation or issuance of social security in Germany.


The part-time job culture has a long list of pros and cons. The paycheck at the end of the month brings a little extra pocket money. One gets to know more about a place’s culture and lifestyle when he works there every day. If you happen to land a job in the university or even in the industry, then this boosts your employment chances as well. On the disadvantage side, these jobs take up a lot of time due to which it becomes increasingly difficult to manage them once the semesters start getting tough. Working for long periods leaves no time for social outings and affects a person’s mental as well as physical health also. Overall, the part-time jobs in Germany are a great way to sustain yourself in the country along with finding possible employment in Germany itself.

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