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Preliminary Admission Package

Complete the first crucial stage of your Application Process through Preliminary Admission Package! The package comes with added benefits!





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  • Personal Consultation
  • Profile Evaluation
  • Orientation on German Universities
  • University Shortlisting
  • Guidance for Pre-Requisite Exams (IELTS, TOEFL, GRE)
  • Information for Application (Application Type, Deadlines, Mode of Application)
  • Post-Admission Guidance (Visa & Accommodation)


1 week

Delivery File Format

PDF and .docx


Personal Consultation & Profile Discussion

Our Overseas Education Experts will check your profile in detail and provide expert guidance on choosing the right university and course that meets your requirements.

University Shortlisting & Orientation

Our well-experienced Admissions Counsellors will prepare a comprehensive shortlist of Universities that best suit your profile and preferences.

Information For Application And Post-Admission Support

Our responsive team will guide you on necessary pre-requisite exams and provide information on your applications, in addition to guidance on Visa & Accommodation.

Preliminary Admission Package Workflow


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Coordinate with our team

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On-Time Delivery

Expect on-time delivery of your shortlisted university list and a plethora of knowledge on German University Application Process!


What is a Preliminary Admission Package?

If you are aspiring to pursue your master's degree in Germany, the first and foremost step is to get your profile and eligibility criteria evaluated for application. Our Preliminary Admission Package aims at providing exactly that! Our experts will carry out a comprehensive Profile Discussion that will determine how best you fulfil the eligibility criteria for admission at German Universities. With the findings from Profile Discussion, our experienced team will orient you on the universities/programs offered by German Universities. We will shortlist universities that best suit your profile and your preferences, which is the most critical stage of your application process. We also render support for your application process by sharing crucial information (application deadlines, mode and type of application, etc.). The package comes with additional benefits of guidance on Visa and Accommodation post-admission to your dream university.

Who should apply?

You should avail Preliminary Admission Package service for any of the reasons below:

  1. You have written your SOP but looking for feedback and evaluation by professional writers.

  2. You wish to enhance the quality of your SOP and need inputs to improve it further.

  3. You are unsure if the quality of your SOP matches the academic standards as set by the USA.

  4. You are looking for expert opinion and feedback on language usage, grammar and content relevance.

How Can Preliminary Admission Package Service Help You

The Preliminary Admission Package service will benefit you in several ways:

  1. Improves overall Profile Evaluation Score - 5-25 points.

  2. You will get a clear idea of whether your SOP meets the current academic standards.

  3. A professionally reviewed SOP will most significantly increase your chances of securing an admission.

Outline of Preliminary Admission Package

Our package services are specifically designed to help with specific stages of your application process. Preliminary Admission Package service, as the name depicts, covers the initial and the most crucial step of your application process - Profile evaluation and University shortlisting, with added benefits of guidance on university application types and post-admission related tasks (visa and accommodation). We ensure that we evaluate your profile carefully and provide the necessary inputs and guidance to kick-start your journey of studying in Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a call-back from our Overseas Education Expert who will guide you on the next steps.
Within 1 week, depending on the number of orders in queue.
You will receive a comprehensive list of Shortlisted Universities and a plethora of knowledge on German university admission requirements.
Our service has helped enormously in providing expert guidance and support for students who are aspiring to pursue their master’s program in Germany. The initial yet important step of your application process is taken care of through the Preliminary Admission Package service. Furthermore, you will be able to avail our end-to-end Admission Package service at a discounted rate for complete support on your application process.

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