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Preliminary Verification By Uni assist


Using the VPD , you can apply directly to the university. It contains information on which educational certificates were presented.

What is a VPD ?

VPD or Vorprüfungsdokumentation is a preliminary check certificate issued by uni assist. During the VPD, uni assist will verify your documents and give your an objective score on the German grading scale of 1 - 4. You receive a certificate with the results: the preliminary check documentation (VPD) on your email ID.

You need to use your VPD to apply directly to the university before the deadline. VPD is valid for one year.

What is the procedure for VPD ?

  • Select the university and your desired course using “find course offers” and create your own application for a VPD.
  • Few of the VPD universities do not provide lists of their courses. In that case, choose “all courses” and “all degrees” as your desired course.
  • Send your completed application – online via the portal and generally signed on paper by post – with all required educational certificates. All certificates need to be sent as legally attested copies.
  • Pay the processing amount for your applications. They will not be able to start the process before payment.
  • Once the preliminary check is done, you get the VPD by letter and by e-mail.

What are the required documents ?

  • Educational certificates
  • Language certificate

Other application documents

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Copy of passport
  • Internship/employment experience
  • Proof that suitability and/ or entrance exam has been passed
  • GRE test certificates
  • Medical certificate


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