Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards (aka travel cards) are used for making payments while you are traveling abroad. These are pre-loaded and enable you to access money in the required regional currency. It is a good idea to buy a Prepaid card before you travel to Germany.

There are two main reasons to get a prepaid card,

  1. Your initial expenses will be high once you go to Germany (caution deposit, rent, semester ticket etc.) but DB blocked account only allows you to withdraw 720 euros a month (after you activate your account). It is a secure way to carry the money in a travel card than carrying the cash.
  2. Travel card will serve your needs well until you get your DB debit card. You can use it in any electronic payment terminals (supermarkets, restaurants etc.) without any additional service fee.

There are several options you can choose from but I would recommend Thomas Cook Borderless Prepaid card. The procedure for purchasing and recharging this card is fairly simple. It is PIN protected. Also, you can check the balance anytime online and the card works for most of the online payments.

Required documents

  1. Passport

  2. Flight Ticket

  3. PAN Card or Form 60 (where applicable)

Step by step guide

  1. Step I: Visit your nearest Thomas Cook branch or an authorized agent.

  2. Step II: Inquire about what is the best exchange rate they can offer. Sometimes negotiation is possible.

  3. Step III: Fill out the required form and furnish your documents. You will get your TC Borderless Prepaid card on the same day.

  4. Step VI: Later, you will receive a mail from Thomas Cook asking you to perform the bank transfer to a specific account or a link to pay via Credit card.

  5. Step VII: You need to transfer the funds worth x-euros+the service fee.

  6. Step VIII: Your card will generally be activated within 24 hours. It will be loaded once your money is received by Thomas Cook.

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