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Profile Evaluation – Do It Yourself

The profile evaluation is the customary question in all the discussion groups and forums related to studying in Germany. While it is natural that one could be anxious about their chances of getting an admission, these are generally considered as annoying questions. This is because there is no ‘exact’ procedure for analysis of one’s profile. No one can accurately tell how your profile is going to fare against all the other ones in your specific domain and the university.

Although this process is the hardest to generalize, we have given a brief analysis for each criterion and tried to come up with a general evaluation process. We believe this will help anyone who needs a preliminary idea about their chances of getting an admit.

1. Bachelor's percentage or GPA

This is easily the single most important criterion for your admission. It is more so for Universities (including Technische Universität) than Fachhochschulen. Fachhochschulen in general also give importance to relevant work experience but in the case of TUs, GPA of your bachelor’s degree is given a very high importance.


Technische Universität (TU)


Fachhochschulen (FH)

2. Work Experience

If you have a relevant (to your course) work experience, that certainly adds up. Not only is it important in getting you a university admission, but it also helps in fetching part-time jobs and even finding jobs after your masters are much easier. (That being saidstudents directly from bachelors have several other advantages too!)

Fachhochschulen considers this as an important factor for admission. Even TUs will have positive impressions if your job experience is technical or research oriented.


Technische Universität (TU)


Fachhochschulen (FH)

3. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

This is the only document that tells your personal story to the admission committee. This carries information about your motivation, interests, ideas, future plans, etc. In many cases, a compelling SOP will easily put you ahead of your peers. In my opinion, this is the third most important document in your application.


All Universities

4. Letter of Recommendations (LOR)

LORs are highly respected and given great consideration in Europe at large and more so in Germany. If possible, get your LORs from people in higher positions in your organization. They matter!


All Universities

5. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Although your CV is just a display of all your academic and professional achievements, it is important to craft it well. This is the only document that’s scanned through in the first phase of selection process. So it does play a critical role in your application.


All Universities


Contrary to popular belief, these tests aren’t as important in most cases. These are tests to check your English language proficiency. This is just an eligibility criterion for Masters course in any foreign university. If your IELTS band is more than 6.5, you’re eligible. It doesn’t have a big influence on your profile evaluation for a technical course.


All Universities

7. GRE

Only a handful of German universities will require you to produce your GRE score card. If GRE is a mandatory requirement for the course, then it is an important criterion for admission. In such a case, the focus is given more for your Quant score which indicates your expertise in math.

If GRE is listed as a non-mandatory requirement, it still carries a good value. However, if GRE is not listed as an admission requirement, it will NOT be given any consideration.


All Universities with mandtory GRE score

8. Internships, Workshops and Extracurricular Activities

Anything that is relevant to your course will be complementary to your profile strength. Internships will give a positive outlook. They are great fillers for education gaps and summer holidays. Workshops and extracurricular activities indicate that you are a proactive student. Reinforce your application with all the important and relevant experiences, because they will be valued.


All Universities

9. Research Papers, Patents

If you have published a journal or a conference paper, it is going to add much credibility to your profile, especially for a TU. The same is true with Fachhochschulen if you own or filed a patent. These are big indicators of your ability to perform or handle serious tasks.


All Universities

10. Class X, Class XII grades

Your SSC and HSC scores, combined with your recent GPA, give the information about how consistent are you with your academic performance. If it shows an increasing trend and consistency, it is a positive thing.


All Universities

11. German Language

You can get away without any German language certificates for most of the English taught courses. However, if the program is partially or completely taught in German, you are expected to complete at least level B1 before applying. This is an eligibility criterion just like IELTS/TOFEL.

Although you can get an admit, it is not a good idea to travel to Germany without basic knowledge of German. You will find almost everything (official documents, signboards, place names etc.) in German and it can be overwhelming and frustrating if you don’t have the basic understanding. Complete at least A1 level while in India.


All Universities

12. Backlogs

In most cases, if one has backlogs they are likely to have low GPA which can rule out their admission. However, if you have a decent GPA but with a few backlogs, you will have a chance to justify it with reasons in your SOP. Make use of this and provide adequate reasons.

If your overall profile has a positive impression, backlogs might be ignored since retaking the exams is quite common in German universities.


All Universities


Sample Profile

  • Class X : 92 %
  • Class XII : 89 %
  • Bachelor's GPA : 9.08
  • Work Experience : 2 years (in relevant field)
  • GRE : 311
  • IELTS : 7.5
  • Research papers : 1

How to evaluate?

  • Evaluate each criterion out of 100.
  • Multiply with the respective fraction.
  • Add up all the values to get a final prediction for the probability of an admit.


Interpretation of the result


  • Most universities have a quota for certain countries. This is one of the main reasons why you should apply early. In particular, if the university is processing the applications on the go, then your chances will greatly diminish with time.
  • If your Bachelor's score is between 60 % and 70 %, your chances are low. If it is below 60 %, there is virtually no chance of getting an admit.
  • Even if you have a good GPA, the relevance of course and subjects in your bachelor's matter a lot. For example, if you have your bachelors in EEE, it would be difficult get an admit for Communications Engineering course. If you are changing your field of studies, then make sure to give a good justification in your SOP.
  • As the case with job applications, your most recent and relevant experiences are most valued for admissions.
  • IELTS and German knowledge might not be required for admission, but keep in mind that they might be asked during your Visa.
  • This profile evaluation is only for the initial stage. For few universities, you may have to go through online tests, interviews etc (more in the application and selection process).

Why is bachelor's grade so important?

The reason why your bachelor’s GPA is so important is mainly because of the high number of multinational applicants and a variety of grading systems. It would be a painful job for the admission committee to find a common ground to compare the students (this is also the reason why there is no cut-off grade for the application). Thus, although it may not be fair at times, they tend to value a good GPA more than other credentials.

What can I do to improve my chances, if my bachelor's grade is less?

Here are few things that can do to offset the effect of a low GPA and put you in a slightly better position to receive an admit.

  • Collect strong recommendation letters
  • Score well on admissions tests, interviews (if any)
  • Take up relevant Internships
  • Do relevant online courses and get certifications
  • Attend workshops, conferences
  • If there are non-academic circumstances which may have affected your performance, you can describe them in your SOP and indicate what steps you have taken to overcome those circumstances. The important thing here is to formulate your statements so that they do not sound like you making an excuse.

Disclaimer: This post is created only to give a rough idea about profile evaluation. The process will vary based on the university, the course, and several other factors.

62 thoughts on “Profile Evaluation – Do It Yourself”

  1. Definitely a good post and hat’s off for your effort!!

    But i am really susceptible !!! I got 76 but my CGPA is 7.48….I whatever post i have studied they really give preference for CGPA>8

  2. Great job in getting this under one roof. I’ve posted my profile in Forums: Interested course: Electrical Engineering. Can you please make time to have a look..!!

  3. I have CGPA of 8.1 in b.e ,88% in 10 th,84% in puc,ilets 7 ,gre 310 ,I was having 4 backlogs in b.e can I get admission in German Universities for m.s in electrical engineering

    1. Don’t worry Sanjana. You got good scores. Write good a SOP and while you are writing it, mention why you got backlogs and give a good reason to that. And remember, don’t lean too much on your backlogs while writing SOP.

  4. I have 190 credits as per my university. And the crediting system in our college is according to 1 credit = 1hr per week / semester. So when I convert those credits to the European crediting system I have a lagging of 40 credits. As per the European crediting system 1 credit is for 30 hours. So what are my options to fulfill the total 180 ECTS?

  5. Great job sir
    Want to ask few questions regarding my profile my bachelor’s marks are 74%
    But i do have many certificates in xtra cocurricular activities and also gate qualified. Please suggest good colleges

    1. Ok….Here certificates in xtra curricular activities won’t play big role(in most cases) in the process of getting admission to the German UNIs. But write IELTS, get 6.5 band score. Some universities like TUM and RWTH consider gate score along with GRE score.

    1. Possible profile for TUM to study EEE in TUM
      1. Profile: 10th >85 %, 12th >85% (In most cases it won’t matters)
      2. CG-PA > 8
      3. need Work experience at least for 2 years
      4. need at least 1 Fascinating project
      5. need at least 1 publications
      6. GRE score is compulsory along with IELTS score

  6. Hi. I’m a 2nd year student in EEE in a H+ certified university. I have no backlogs and have been maintaining a CGPA of 8+ with my previous semester SGPA being 9.04. I have completed an International Internship in Thailand and have been enrolled in another for the next year in Japan. I have a very strong CV and have more than 20 certifications. I am certified in German language too. And my Class X / XII percentage are 90.8% in ICSE board and 1st division (>60%) in CHSE (State board). Can you guide in helping me get enrolled for a masters degree in Germany considering my trade is EEE. thank you

  7. harshvardhan patil

    This is really helpful , i would like to thanks you guys. i have 5 years of work experience as DESIGN AND PROCESS DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER and about my academic profile like 10th-70.53 12th-55 diploma-80.80 and B.E=62. German- A2 IELTS-6.5 so please help to suggest , can i get admission for MS in any university in Germany?

    1. Yes Tarun, it is possible to get a good university. But there are a lot of influencing factors that determine your chances. So, your best shot is preparing the best SOP, LORs and applying at the right time (as soon as application period opens).

  8. Shivpratap raghuwanshi

    Hello sir,

    10 %=93
    Still in 7 th semester
    From computer science major
    Interested in data engineering and analytivs major from tum
    Did online courses in data analytics and in ml
    No backlogs
    Can you tell me what are my chances?

  9. My cgpa is 8.2 (VJTI, Mumbai)
    10th percentage 94
    Diploma percentage 94.45
    Internship at IOC
    No work experience
    Hopefully will score 319 in GRE(still preparing)
    Mechanical Engineering
    Are there anny chances for TUM and RWTH?

  10. would like to pursue my MS in Germany. Renewable or Electrical is the field I have chosen.
    Am planning for winter intake 2018.

    My CGPA is 7.01
    BE course – Electronics and instrumentation
    10th grade – 89.4 %
    12th grade – 80 %
    Work experience – 2years , by June 2018
    Work field – renewable energy, Solar
    German language – A2
    Number of projects – 3
    In-Plant training – 1
    IELTS – 7
    strong SOP
    3 LOR

    I have done a project which earned national level recognition and was awarded Rs.1 lakh for its product development and the outstanding innovation by IEDC and MSME government of India.The project earned me nearly 10 awards all over India.


    My BTech Cgpa is 8.57 from VIT University Vellore. I graduated in 2017.
    Till then I have done 3 design software certification course from a training institute.
    I had 4 backlogs in btech, but u cleared them and got s,a,b,c grades. I am interested in job oriented Masters programme in Germany. Will my profile be suitable to get admission in Germany?
    I am mainly focusing on Masters in Automotive Engineering or Masters in Mechanical engineering. If there is any other courses which has good scope in Germany related to Mechanical engineering. Please let me know.

  12. Hello,
    My BTech score 70.2% in mech. engineering
    10th – 94%
    12th – 84%
    GRE – 320
    TOEFL – 110
    2.5 years experience in automotive R&D and an Overseas project from the company
    German – B1
    strong LORs and SOP

    I am targeting the universities like, RWTH, Esslingen, FH aachen, Ingolstadt.
    How well can be my chances in getting into one of these universities and how can i possibly compensate my low GPA further?


  13. Hi,

    i got :

    B.Tech: 70% (CSE)
    12th: 73%
    10th: 83%
    Work Exp: 3.5 years, SAP
    IELTS: 7

    Out of the following university, which one shall I apply for Computer Science or could you suggest me some other univ. where my chances of acceptance would be comparatively higher.

    1. Deggendorf Institute of Technology
    2. University of Applied Sciences Wedel
    3. Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences
    4. Ulm University of Applied Sciences


  14. Hello everyone,

    My name is Sanket and I’m a EnTC Engineer
    My profile is :

    B.E : 69.08%
    10th: 88%
    12th: 80%
    Experience: 1.5 years
    IELTS: 8
    German: A1

    Which universities should I target ?
    Can I get an admit from HS Esslingen, TU Chemnitz ?

  15. Hi, you’ve provided with enough information. I’ve got 60% in B.E with 5 years work experience in the relevant field. I also own a patent(filed) recently, here in India it takes 18+ months to get patent rights. What is my scope for admission?

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