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Reconsideration Letter

Our experts will analyse the rejection letter and help you prepare your reconsideration letter.






Please make sure provision for appeal is mentioned in your rejection letter. You can also check the eligibility using the button below:


– Analysis and case formulation
– Documentation


2-5 working days

Delivery File Format

PDF and .docx


Rejection Analysis

Match your profile with the course requirements and come up with possible reasons for rejection.

Evidence Collection

Collect enough evidence from various sources and your bachelor's profile to overturn the rejection.

Reconsideration Letter

Prepare a consolidated report showing all the collected evidence which can get you the admit.

Reconsideration Letter Workflow


Apply Online

Place the online order for service using the link on this page.

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Submit Your Details

Submit details via an online form.

CV Preparation


Few Calls and Discussions

Do a Thorough research and Editing alongside our expert.

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On time Delivery

The Final Reconsideration Letter will be delivered to you within 5 working days.

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Reconsideration Letter

A reconsideration letter or Widerspruch is a formal request to the university or the admission committee that contains a request for their unfavorable decision to be reviewed or reconsidered.

Regardless of how good your profile is or how timely your application is done, there is always a chance that you receive an unfair assessment and rejection from your dream university. Provided that the university has a provision for Widerspruch, reconsideration letter gives you second chance at your dream admit.

Will it work?

There is enough evidence on the internet that reconsideration letters have worked. We have seen several students getting admit after the rejection on this very own platform. So there can be no doubt that Widerspruch works.

However, everyone's case is different. Not all the rejection decisions can be overturned. It depends on how much evidence do we have and how compelling is the report that we prepare.

Am I Eligible?

Please check the eligibility using the tool here. If your university is not listed, feel free to send your rejection letter to us. We shall analyse and tell you whether you are eligible for the appeal.

NOTE: The universities of the German state of Baden-Württermberg don't allow the provision for an appeal. If you want to appeal against them, you will directly have to file a case against them in the court.


The required documents vary based on your case. But in general we would need scanned copies of all the documents used for application and your course catalogue (syllabus copy).

We may request you to prepare additional documents if required to prove your case.

Why should I apply?

Why not? Would you like to wait till you have received a rejection letter from all your favorite universities to find out that now, in the end, you are stuck with the universities which you never wanted to go to in the first place? The whole essence of the reconsideration letter is that you can have another strong shot at spending the most valuable years of your life, not in a university where you never imagined yourself in, but in the exact same university or universities where you always wanted to go. Now to sum it all up, here are a few points that can help you decide if you want to write a reconsideration letter or not:

  1. You get a proper legal chance at getting an admit from the university which sent you a rejection letter without any good or satisfactory reasons.

  2. You will not be alone trying to navigate new waters! We will be helping you to make your case under our professional supervision.

  3. Reconsideration Letter is not just a 'Format' that you can copy from somebody else and write your own. There are many details that need to be taken care of and that's why it should be done under proper supervision or care because every applicant's case is different.

  4. By writing a professional appeal, you show the university that you are really passionate about studying there. This encourages the university to revert their decision and give the candidates a new chance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check your inbox, you should have received an email with a link to a form where you can enter your profile details.

2-5 days depending on the case complexity. 

At the end of the process, you will receive the doc word file of the Final Reconsideration Letter.

No. The reconsideration letter provided with this service will be in English. 

We can provide the German version at an additional cost. Please talk to our team if this is your requirement.


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