Visa Interview Experience

Sarthak Kelapure



Mumbai’s new process of VFS is very simple. If you have an unconditional offer letter, approach VFS on telephone to book an appointment which is the only tedious task, call them every day(twice if urgent). Refer the list given on consulate website and get all documents (not attested). For blocked account I suggest Deutsche bank over any other for easy transition in Germany and easy help available here in India(just a call away). Have two or three document sets and get four biometric photos. Reaching before time so that you have everything sorted in your head. Mostly no questions asked in the document submission process except for spelling confirmation. Be co-orporative and they will help you very politely.
I got my apporval in 27 days. For stamping I chose VFS Pune and got the passport stamped home delivered in 4 days.

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