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For Winter 2018!

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Gives you complete access to this platform until 31.10.2018

The Starter Kit

Get a head start with a clear roadmap and document list.

My Progress Tracker - Tool

Easily create the tasks and track your progress.

University Search

Finding the right universities and the deadlines are now just a few clicks away.

My University Shortlist - Tool

Easily create, store and update your university shortlist anytime.

My Expenses Tracker - Tool

Calculate your expenses as you move along the application process.

Scholar Care

Constant updates and information to help you all along the application process!

Application Timeline

Plan, schedule and execute the tasks at the right time.

Application Deadlines

Search and find the application periods and deadlines.


Up to date list of all scholarships available for German universities.

Priority Support

Get priority support for all your queries regarding the application process.

Scholar Club Membership

Connect with other Scholar Members by joining our exclusive group 'Scholar Club' on Facebook.

Future Updates

Access to many more new and exciting features to come in the future!
includes all the services along with the Scholar membership
Frequently Asked Questions

Scholar Membership gives you access to the complete platform till 31 October 2018.

The new Scholar Package includes all the services along with the membership.

Package Contents

  • Scholar Membership until 31 Oct 2018.
  • SOP Review
  • LOR Review
  • CV Review
  • University Shortlisting
  • Personal Consultation

Scholar membership/package work best for students who are:

  1. Looking forward to do the applications on their own and are looking for a cheaper alternative to a consultancy.

  2. At the beginning of their application process and want to get a clear roadmap and direction for the whole process and access to free services.

  3. Wish to get involved with our community and get support from our team.

  4. Enroled with a consultancy but aren’t getting enough support/guidance from them.

You will keep getting all the important updates via our platform until you fly to Germany. 

Scholar Membership - Redefining a new approach to Higher Studies abroad!

By Uday Yatnalli

Inventing a new and better alternative to long-standing traditional approaches is hard. But even harder task is to convince the people to use this new approach to get better results! I guess that’s where startups succeed or fail to make their mark.

‘Study abroad consultancies’ have been the go to place for applicants who wish to go for higher education abroad. An average applicant spends nearly INR 1,50,000 (€2000) all along the application process before he even boards the flight to Germany. A huge chunk of this amount can be saved just by 1. Doing the application process yourself, 2. Optimising the process by only applying to the universities that you are likely to get the admissions from. This platform will help you achieve both. And honestly, there is no one better suited to do your application process than YOU.

Today with we are more excited than ever to announce the Scholar Membership/Package. We happen to believe that this would change the way people approach their application process to the higher studies abroad!

A statement which we have on the ‘about’ page stays true every day that we work on building this platform – ‘there is no greater satisfaction to us than receiving a thank you email from an aspirant who applied on his own and received his dream admit‘. Although it does happen ever so often, we certainly crave for more!
I and my small but wonderful team are determined to get you the admissions for Winter 2018! Now, all we need is support of the students who believe in our cause. Perhaps, this is an opportunity for MSinGermany community as a whole to bring about this new change which would help clear the misconceptions when people think about studying abroad. Let us pave the way for future aspirants by proving that one CAN do the application process themselves if they are willing to try!
Let this aspiration be our inspiration!
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