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Scholar Premium Package

with admission guarantee!

1 On 1 help

Personal assistance with each step of your application process.


Leave the task of SOP, LOR and CV editing to our experts! All we need is drafts.

Uni Selection

We will shortlist the universities based on your preferences.

Technical analysis

Our experts will analyse your profile and predict the chances of admission.

Talks & discussions

We will schedule regular consultation calls and make sure you are on the right track.

Online support

You can get the online help and support via our live chat anytime.

Who is offering this?

Scholar Premium Package 5

Santosh Kumar

A current PhD student at Leibniz Universität Hannover. He has been helping students especially with low grades to get admits from top German universities. This expert consultant will be handling your applications.

Scholar Premium Package 6

MS in Germany Team

Irrespective of all our success stories in the past, we have a reason to believe that this package is perhaps combines our best forces to get you the university admits. Our team will work as efficiently as ever to help you realize your dream.

“Best of the best, because with 59% and without IELTS , I got 3 admits. They did the best work that ever, now I am in TU9 , I feel so good. I got 2 yrs student visa with work permit, and part time job too. They can assist in everything.”

Scholar Premium Package 8

Krishna K

Package details


Pre Admission

Post Admission



Scholar Premium Package

with Admission Guarantee
  • *Excluding courier and Uni-Assist Fees.
  • *Rs. 9,999 is due after the document preparation.
  • *Rs. 19,999 is due once you receive your first admission.
  • *Full refund will be given in the rare case if you didn't get any admission

Frequently Asked Questions

This Package is made for you! We guarantee you an admission from a public German university irrespective of your profile.

There is no time limit. You will get the support until you get your admission. But the package is valid for one intake (Summer/Winter) only.

It is highly recommended to take the IELTS, but we can get you an admit without IELTS as well as long as your bachelor’s medium of instruction was English.

We will do the consultation and based on your preferences, we shortlist the universities. We ONLY apply to public universities (without tuition fee) unless the student makes a request to apply to private universities (with tuition fee).

No, we can not promise you admission to any particular type of university but if your bachelor’s score is > 75%, you will most likely get an admit from a TU.

We will try to the best of our ability to get you the admissions based on your preferences, but if the prospects are not good, we might apply to courses in other fields related to your field of interest.

  1. Uni Assist Fees, 2. Courier fees (for first two couriers), 3. Document Attestation fees

Yes, but you need to provide us the initial drafts. We will provide you the necessary guidelines.

No, we can not do those on behalf of you. However, you will get the necessary information and guidance from us for all the steps in your application process.

Once you receive your first admission from a German university.

Once your university Shortlist is ready.

We wouldn’t promise you ‘Guaranteed Admission’ if we didn’t have the proficiency to get you one. This would be a very rare instance if it occurs. However, considering the fact that it is still a possibility, you will be given a full refund of the enrolment charges (Rs. 19,999) plus pre admission (Rs. 9,999) if you end up with no admission.

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